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Bronco Blatherings: Saturday Evening Edition - 5/14/11

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Welcome to another installment of Denver dissemination. We're almost scraping the barrel for topics of discussion that won't tear into the fanbase or focus on two groups arguing about millions in a dead economy. No, we will have to "entertain" ourselves elsewhere. The content will be similar to the last edition, so hopefully there will be enough to talk about. Ready Go!


  • Denver’s 23 sacks last season tied for the 45th lowest total in the franchise’s 50 years.

With the return of Elvis Dumervil, the return to the 4-3 scheme, Robert Ayers going back to the position he was drafted at and the selection of Von Miller, the odds favor the Broncos surpassing that mark early in the season. The increase in pressure should create more than the 10 total interceptions in 2010. As a retired Steamfitter, I can tell you that temperature and pressure are related. Turn up the heat on the quarterback and you will compel him into making turnovers. Those 10 interceptions last year weren't a franchise low though. I didn't have to go back very far to find a lower total. In 2008 the team had a mere 6 interceptions in route to an 8-8 record. It is certainly time for a boost up from mediocrity.

  • One of our new coach’s favorite expressions?
"The best pass defense is a pass rush."

  • The last spread quarterback who became a legitimate NFL quarterback was Sam Bradford of the Rams.

Just saying.


Which NFLer receives text messages before every game from Archie Manning?

a. Michael Oher?
b. Drew Brees?
c. Peyton Manning?
d. Eli Manning?

Who has the highest vertical leap in the NFL?

Great News that is not all that new

RB LenDale White, who spent the 2010 on Injured Reserve because of a torn Achilles tendon, has been working out with teammates and is running again.

White will raise the Running Back depth quality that the Broncos will need in 2011.


In the Rigormortis (quarterback) department --

That is per Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier and is really no surprise. No team is going to want "Bad Luck Schleprock" infecting their Locker Room. 

Minnesota don't just want a veteran mentor for rookie quarterback Christian Ponder, they are looking for competition for their starting spot.

My bet is that this would be a two-year commitment for both parties.

I read on Sporting News Today that the Seattle Seahawks have talked to Free Agent quarterback Matt Lienart. Considering the ties to his former college coach Pete Carroll and the fact that the ever-so-fragile Matt Hasselbeck is wanting a bigger contract than he's actually worth and this makes sense. Apparently Seattle wants someone to throw into the competition with Charlie Whitehurst. Carroll took the Seahawks to the playoffs last season and my guess is that he has as good a shot as anyone in the league to resurrect Lienart's career.

In the Defensive Line department --

  • Brandon Mebane plotting a future out of Seattle  

Seattle gave him a 3rd-round tender, so he will wait for the offers to come. Mebane can play both DT positions in the John Fox Defense. 

"I can play both the three-tech and nose tackle, and there aren’t too many guys out there that can play both. I feel like my production has been real good the last four years. I put pressure on the quarterback my third and fourth year."
The list of teams that could be in the bidding for Mebane include Tennessee, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Denver and Carolina.

"The way I’ve been really trying to handle it is just being patient – that’s all I can really do now," Mebane went on. "I think God has something good in store for me. Patience is the real key part of it. At times I think about it, but I try not to let it get to me. The good part of it is I took care of business on the field. So the thing about it now, is what team is it going to be?"

This is a re-post that I put in a comment on another post.

  • Aubrayo Franklin should get a monster deal when lockout ends 
Franklin has been a fine run stopper the last two years. The Redskins figure to be at the top of the list of teams that show interest in him.  The Jets, Texans, Broncos, Vikings, and Seahawks also have a need, with the 3-4 teams making the most sense.


Question 1 - b. Drew Brees

Question 2 - Randy Moss has the highest record for a vertical leap in the NFL. He currently holds the record at 51 inches (53 inches running).


NationalFootballPost: Packers Super Bowl I championship ring sold at auction: Steve Wright's ring fetched $73,409 

Tim Tebow: Heading over to the @Jockey event @Macys Herald Square... Stay cool NYC!
Eric DeckerExcited to be part of your (Ed McCaffrey) camp my man! Everybody check it out online and get involved at: Set for June 27-30!

Julius ThomasNot gonna lie, very surprised to see so many #Broncos fans out here in CA. I love it!! I feel the love already

Jim Saccomano: Congrats to Broncos' Head Athletic Trainer Steve Antonopulos--"Greek" Sat. to be inducted into 1st class of CATA Hall of Fame!

--inducted w/Greek tomorrow will be late Jim Conboy (AFA) & late Dan Liberia (Northrn Colo)

--Steve cites late Dan Liberia of UNC as his mentor--Dan made a great one in Steve Antonopulos. Congrats to all inductees!

Tim Tebow: Here are the TimTebow book tour dates . See you there! #ThroughMyEyes

Future Book Tour Dates

Lindsay Jones: Broncos QB Orton looks sharp in workouts while passing through 

Von Miller: Could somebody draw me up a Texas A&M tatt??

Brian DawkinsWhat was the best hit I ever put on someone in the NFL?" Probably the one on Mike Vick.


In Mel Kiper's grades on the Denver Broncos 2011 Picks, go here. 


Troy and Jezru and I were joking around last night about Time Travel, Bionic Body Parts and the movies. The conversation drifted on to great movie quotes and Pulp Fiction came up. If you have seen the movie you know that John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson play hit men. Jackson's character, Jules Winnfield recites the Bible verse Ezekiel 25:17 before each hit. Well Troy, being the possessor of an acute wit, came up with a version called, "Psalm 23 with an orange and blue tint."

EFX is my shepherd, I shall not want. They make me amped up with excitement and lead me into raucous stadiums. They refresh this team. They guide us along the right paths for Denver's namesake. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Al Davis, I will fear no Raiders. Thy Dawk and thy Tebow, they comfort me. Thou preparest a victory before me in the stadium of mine enemy. You anoint my helmet with orange. My fandom overflows. Surely victories and happiness will follow me all the days of thy career and I will dwell in the house of Pat Bowlen forever. Amen.

Enjoy your evening MHR-idians and...

Go Broncos!