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Denver Broncos Cornerback Perrish Cox Pleads Not Guilty To Charges

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In the midst of the NFL Lockout, much of the news we do hear about has nothing to do with football and worse yet usually focuses on the negative.  As such, Denver Broncos defensive back Perrish Cox has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault charges this morning in a courtroom in Castle Rock, CO.

If convicted, Cox could face life in prison.  Cox was charged with one count of sexual assault while the victim was physically helpless and one count of sexual assault while the victim was incapable of determining the nature of the conduct.

The alleged assault occurred is said to have occurred in early September, though Cox was not arrested until three month later, on December 9, 2010. 

Cox played in 15 games for the Broncos in 2010, finishing with one interception and 2 forced fumbles.  Cox was also credited with 59 tackles.  Cox was drafted in the 5th Round of the 2010 NFL Draft after attending Oklahoma State.