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Bronco Blatherings: Thursday's Tidings-5/19/11

Welcome to another edition of Bronco Blatherings. This is a little taste of two-cents to stimulate your football fetish. Something old, something new. Something Orange and something Blue. What other colors are there for a Denver Broncos fan? Just skip past those three asterisks below and see what tidings I brought. Oh, and a word to the wise. Some items may have been posted elsewhere. I am merely trying to be thorough.



I'd like to give an early Birthday shout out to Eddie Royal, who turns 24 on Saturday. Many happy returns (and touchdowns) Eddie!


Broncos Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen regarding 
Defensive Linemen:

"We're looking for quick, athletic, explosive type of players. Obviously, the bigger, faster, more explosive they are, the better, but if we're going to err on one side or the other, we're going to err more on the side of athletic and explosive rather than big and doesn't move real well."

Other teams who are in the market for Defensive Linemen are Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Atlanta and New England.

Broncos GM Brian Xanders on the health status of Wide Receiver DeMaryius Thomas who tore his Achilles’ tendon in February:

"Our trainers and doctors anticipate he’s going to be healthy in Weeks 4, 5 or 6. So we feel good about DeMaryius playing and recovering from the injury."


Here is something that should make you feel better about the Broncos draft. Apparently, the Ravens had Safety Rahim Moore rated pretty high and would have drafted him if he was available. GM Ozzie Newsome has a good reputation for judging talent too. Baltimore selected Torrey Smith at #58. Moore was taken with pick #45.

The Top-5 

Unrestricted Free Agents on the Defensive Line. These players are free and clear UFA's and aren't limited by the next CBA.
  • Cullen Jenkins GB
  • Aubrayo Franklin SF
  • Jason Babin  TEN
  • Raheem Brock DEA
  • Shaun Ellis NYJ



Question 1: How much did a Broncos season ticket on the 50-yard line cost in 1960?

Question 2: By combination of receiving, rushing and returning, who was the first Bronco player to cross the end zone over 70 times?

Question 3: Who set a Bronco franchise record when he attempted 39 field goals in a season?


ESPN is reduced to rating the Top 10 NFL helmets. As in Logos, not safety.

NFL Obituary: 1920-2011 Jayson Braddock eulogizes the NFL

TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW Senior NFL Editor Mike Gilbert tells us

Mike Freeman believes this next season will be Yuck-y.

Which is worse, Ignorance or Apathy?

I don't know and I don't care.

Another Rant. This time By NFL Writer Hank Koebler, who wants a wake up call when the owners and players are done messing with our football fix.

Jayson Braddock compares Ugly Al to Gollum. Two thumbs up!


If you haven't seen it and want to check out Ocho Cinco's 1.5 second Bull Ride. 

The NFL Rookie Premiere begins today in California at the Los Angeles Coliseum with 36 draft picks wearing their professional jerseys for a photo shoot for trading card companies, including Topps. There will be other promotional appearances and events today and continuing through the weekend at various locations throughout the Los Angeles area. A Celebrity Flag-Football game is scheduled for Friday at UCLA's North Athletic Field. It begins at 5 p.m. PT and features current and former players in addition to the rookies. It is open to the public. Arizona Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald Tweeted that he will be there and to expect some giveaways. Denver Broncos top pick Von Miller will be in attendance. Click on the link for the list of other rookies that will be there.

This is a good chance to get your football fix, whether you're an autograph or swag-seeker. Heck, you could even show up to the Flag-Football game with a picket sign that says, "NFL and NFLPA Unfair to Fans!" Personally, I would be jealous of anyone getting the opportunity for a Von Miller signature before me.


The quarterback trade and Free Agent rumors are still running the gamut even though little can be done at the present time. Still, it IS football talk and the armchair GM's abound. this week's yammerings are all about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Eagles’ web site pushes Kolb as worth more than a first-round pick  

Apparently the folks in Philly believe Kolb is worth more than a 1st-rounder. It just won’t be the Dolphins.

Charley Casserly thinks the Eagles can get more than a 1st-round pick for Kevin Kolb. A few other notables add their comments. 

"Clearly Arizona is at the top of the list, Seattle is a close second ...

Former GM: Kolb Worth More Than A First

My take? He is worth whatever someone will give for him.


Question 1: $31.50

Question 2: Rod Smith. The undrafted Rod Smith scored 71 touchdowns. 68 Receiving, 1 Rushing and 2 by Returns.

Question 3: Gene Mingo. In 1962, the team struggled into field goal scoring position for Gene Mingo, to try and split the uprights 39 times.


Minnesota DE Ray Edwards is following Baltimore Ravens SS Tom Zbikowski into the arena of boxing debut tomorrow night and Kimbo wants a shot at him.

Bill "Porkchop" Williamson thinks Knowshon Moreno's lack of explosion is an issue 

NFL PLAYERS - Listen Up: @LarryFitzgerald to call in to @SiriusXMNFL this afternoon to talk tomorrow's #PremiereLeague (6 pm, UCLA North Athletic Field) 1 hour ago 

National Footbal lPost Carson Palmer's house is under contract: Bengals quarterback sells his house for $2.1 million 

Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal - The brain of NY Rangers Enforcer Derek Boogaard to be donated to trauma study 5/15   

Pro Football Weekly - We hear the Panthers will look to add a veteran QB to join Cam Newton/Jimmy Clausen. 5/14 

NFL - Tim Tebow hanging out with underwear models. 5/16 6am  

Von Miller -Just got done working out at mjp.. I feel great! Now house shopping for some hrs..5/16  11am

-"I'm shark, y'all jus koi fish" 5/16 12noon    

-My new number as a bronco! @toppscards 17 hours ago  
Zane Beadles - Lift check, run check, walk 9 holes check, ride 18 and take @EOlsen69 and @KMcCarthy34's money up next. #fatmantour here I come.

Brian Dawkins - AAAHH!! Another Great conditioning, agility and explosive workout today. Headed to Phase 2. SWOLE TIME!! Did u get better today? 5/16 2pm

-Also like to thank Mortons SteakHouse for the post workout grub. And Powerade for the hydrating drink!!

-Just finished my 2nd part of my workout !!! Another great session!! 5/18

-Just finished my AM workout of cardio, speed, footwork n burst. Headed to my afternoon session to get my X-sanity lift on. #NeverSatisfied 2 hours ago 

-Would like to thank ModMarket for the post workout grub. #mmmm 2 hours ago 

Eric Decker - Solid workout with the fellas: @zanebeadles @EOlsen69 @DGronko @CassiusVaughn @BrianDawkins! Now taking the neighbor kids to the Rockies game

 - They've been going real well, always working to get better! RT @Noonskadoodle17: How's your workouts going with the team man? Reply 5/17 

Orlando Franklin - Thinking about headed up to Denver next week to start training up there. 5/14

On my way to get this work out in with @EKD92 (Dumervil) 5/17

-Chilling in Davie fl watching this basketball game. Let's go Heat 18 hours ago 

Eddie Royal - Gonna be doing a FREE football camp at westfield HS in chantilly, VA on sat july 16 so mark it down on yalls. 

LenDale White - Now I know yall aint sick on zombies #COD I'm waiting???? Gamer tag killla5280 #ps3 5/17 4pm

Cassius Vaughn - Morning twitter headed to 2nd workout and My day is starting off great got a good morning call and lots of business is getting handled...4 hours ago 

Knowshon Moreno - Got a question for me? Enter the @FinishLine Knowshon Moreno Fan Experience for the chance to ask me in person. 28 minutes ago  

Britt Davis Maybe able to sneak in a nap before this workout with @TimTebow and the rest of the guys 6 hours ago 

-1 Great workout with the fellas feels good to be back around the guys tell u one thing me n @TimTebow didnt miss a beat today throwin #Broncos 3 hours ago 
-S/O to @TimTebow for the hardest ab workout of my life lookin like a ninja turtle by the abs and the longest game of horse in history. 22 minutes ago 

National Football Post - Tim Tebow reports for Broncos' workouts: Broncos quarterbacks joins teammates. 3 hours ago 

Josina Anderson - Just got confirmation @TimTebow is at the Bubble for #Broncos unofficial workouts. Good job sources. 4 hours ago 

-@TimTebow talking with media. Says he's been working out w/ receivers in Fl, & CO. 4 hours ago

-@TimTebow now doing warmup drills. Lined up beside WR Britt Davis. #Broncos 4 hours ago 

-Bannan says there is still a possibility he could play with the #Broncos, but he added "I definitely have options." #Broncos #NFL 4 hours ago 

-TE Gronkowski is grabbing lunch & leaving. Says his back is tightening up. #Bronos 3 hours ago 

-Media just let back in. #Broncos unofficial workouts 3 hours ago 

-O-Lineman Zane Beadles told me that he likes the weight he is at but said, "I want to get leaner and build up some more muscle." #Broncos 3 hours ago 

-@TimTebow Britt Davis & Ben Garland doing core planks #Broncos 3 hours ago 
-Tim Tebow talking post workout with Brian Dawkins for a lil bit now. Media waiting for next round of interviews. 3 hours ago 

-Tebow says he has not talked to Orton, but he is looking forward to competing for the starting job. 3 hours ago 

-Video: Tim Tebow's full interview following the #Broncos unofficial workout Thursday. 1 hour ago 


I thought I should touch on this subject to create a discussion. Hasn't there been enough drama in the NFL without a "Reality show" (sic) on the subject? What now, shall we make fun and games out of Fun and Games? Note to Roger Goodell and the League Promo department. "JUST SAY NO to Hollywood." 

Deep breath.

Anyway, there have apparently been queries, speculation and declines regarding the NFL Network reality series.

First, it was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers turning down 'Hard Knocks'  

Then it was, Could AFC North be up for 'Hard Knocks'? 

Okay, how about Is there a 'Hard Knocks' candidate here?  

And Rodney A linked us to the Broncos response

Broncos not interested in 'Hard Knocks'  

If the League really needs to ramp up their ratings, maybe they should look no further than the "Dysfunctionals."

Will HBO come knocking in Oakland?  

There now. If that isn't enough to get your football fetish tickled, you might as well go into hibernation for awhile.

Go Broncos!