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Conference Call with Denver Broncos Head Coach John Fox

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It was my privilege this afternoon to listen in on a Season Ticket holders tele-conference with Broncos Head Coach John Fox. Along with 6,500 other people on the line, I heard echoed sentiments welcoming the new coach and including opinions on the recent draft. Of course the big questions were regarding the lack of new Defensive Linemen and a Running Back. I was even allowed to ask a question and I thought about it real hard.                                  

My question to John Fox went something like this: "Welcome Coach Fox. I'd like to say first that the drafting team did a terrific job and I am real excited for this year. I like the character of the new players and I am hoping that this will dissipate the off-season and off-the-field drama for this team. I understand the Defensive Tackle position will be addressed in Free Agency and the Undrafted College Free Agent pool. I see Brandon Mebane and Barry Cofield of the Giants as the top tier Free Agents available and I hope you re-sign Justin Bannan and retain Marcus Thomas. My question is--What size of Linemen fit your scheme? Are you looking for big 325+ pound guys, or is 300-310 big enough?"

Coach Fox replied (and I am paraphrasing a bit):

"Great questions Kirk. First of all, I can't discuss player names because of the rules, but certainly bigger is better. But quickness is important, so we will look for guys with that short burst to get to the quarterback. We would certainly like to acquire a big Nose Tackle and a 3-tech. That would be nice." 

He also told the listeners that they will be adding a Running Back in Free Agency.

Another question was asked about the Linebacker positions and where each guy will play. Fox explained that they haven't anything to go by other than last year's film, but that D.J.Williams should play the WILL, Joe Mays would fit at the MIKE and Von Miller the SAM. Keep in mind these are projections only. Coach Fox is happy with Nate Irving and Mike Mohamed too as he asked the listeners not to count them out either.

Another questioner asked about the Tight End position. The coach said that, "a good Tight End is a quarterback's best friend. I'll bet if you asked that question to John Elway, he would say the same thing. We have 4 Tight Ends now to work with and we like Virgil Green."

One of the last questions was a plea for the return of the Orange jerseys. Coach Fox tried to tell the questioner that he didn't know if they would wear them against the Raiders in the season opener on Monday Night Football and he said, "I don't know that orange jerseys would make a difference in the outcome of the game. I'd like to think we will win in the Blue or white uniforms. We are in a uniform transition period and  these things take time. I'm not sure which games we will be wearing orange, but look for them to return in 2012 for sure."

"Bronco Betty," a long-time fan and probably second in line behind the Barrel man in Bronco Fan popularity even got to extend a Mile High welcome to coach Fox. I would say that the conference call lasted about an hour and 10-15 people got to submit a question. It was my privilege to represent MHR, because Jezru, who is a season ticket holder, is on vacation. I hope I represented him and you well.

Go Broncos!