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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 5/20/11

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Tebow makes his first appearance at Broncos' Team Dawkins workouts - The Denver Post
Stand down, BroncoNation: Tim Tebow has landed back in Denver, and he's back at work with the Broncos.

Paige: Broncos could use some "Hard Knocks" - The Denver Post
Just like their defense last year, the Broncos are soft taps.

Tim Tebow joins Broncos' offseason workouts - The Denver Post
"This part is important to show that we're all together," Tebow said. "I know a lot of us have been throwing and catching and doing what we need to do in other places, but this is big just to show that we're together. You can come together a few times to show, 'Hey, we've got each other's backs.' "

Tebow: I miss time with coaches | All Things Broncos — Denver Broncos news, stats, analysis — The Denver Post
Broncos coaches were able to get a copy of the playbook to quarterback Tim Tebow (as well as most of the rest of the team) during the brief lockout reprieve late last month, but there wasn’t enough time in that window to get out more film for players to study. news: Tebow breaks from playbook studies, joins Broncos' workout
Tim Tebow was focused more on camaraderie than competition when he joined 12 Denver Broncos teammates for an informal offseason workout Thursday. news: Cowboys owner Jones confident there will be football in 2011
"I didn't spend $1.2 billion to build a stadium and not have the Cowboys playing football in it this year," Jones said. Blogs - Data Points: Who is the team of the 2000s? "
With Pittsburgh losing to Green Bay in Super Bowl XLV – No. 19 on our list of the top 20 games of 2010 – it only creates more debate as to whether the Steelers rank as the best team this millennium. There are those who still cling to the Patriots as that team in what amounts to a two-horse race, despite the fact that New England hasn’t won a Super Bowl since the 2004 season. news: Giants co-owner Mara warns of trouble if players win fight
Giants co-owner John Mara warns that the players' strategy in the labor impasse, if successful, would lead to NFL chaos. news: NFLPA's Smith to Maryland graduates: 'I want football, too'
DeMaurice Smith had barely settled behind the podium when University of Maryland students started chanting: "We want football." news: Pats' Cannon says he's 'feeling great' in cancer treatment
New England Patriots rookie guard Marcus Cannon said Thursday that he's "feeling great" after his latest chemotherapy treatment, and he possessed a positive outlook as he battles a disease discovered three months ago at the NFL Scouting Combine. news: No. 16: Cards ride third-string QB past Cowboys on Christmas
Well, the quarterbacks starting in the Cowboys-Cardinals Week 16 matchup on Christmas were a little less sexy: "Kitna … Skelton … it's on NFL Network!"

Randy Moss visits jail, says 'I've worn those orange jumpsuits' | National Football Post
Randy Moss spoke to a group of juvenile prisoners at a West Virginia facility Wednesday, sharing his story about his time behind bars.

Ken Zampese on offseason: 'It's been a kick in the groin' | National Football Post
Like everyone, Cincinnati Bengals quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese is lamenting the emptiness of the NFL lockout. - Panthers LB Beason wins civil case
Panthers LB Jon Beason was victorious in a Charlotte courthouse on Thursday in a civil case where a man accused the player of punching him in the face at a strip club. - Report: Belichick is highest-paid coach in sports
The article estimates Belichick's annual salary at $7.5 million, putting the three-time Super Bowl winner ahead of Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan and Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, who each earn $7 million per year.

Cornerbacks: Cover Snaps Count |
With the limits of television footage, it would be an accurate statement to say cornerback is the trickiest position for those outside of NFL teams to analyze.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell leaning on Detroit Lions owners for labor experience - ESPN
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell isn't above seeking a little advice as the lockout approaches its 10th week with no end in sight.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans among teams most affected by lockout - ESPN
Let's look at the five teams most affected by no true offseason and the five teams least affected.

Washington Redskins' Donovan McNabb says he's OK with John Beck's comments - ESPN
The Washington Redskins do quarterback controversies like no one else, even during a lockout. Wednesday was about as busy as it gets, especially considering the next official team practice is on indefinite hold.

Lions say their player-led workouts are NFL's best - NFL -
"This has probably been the best-organized and well-attended player-led workouts of anybody," defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch said between workouts.

Detroit Lions primed to contend in NFC North in 2011 NFL season - Kerry J. Byrne -
The Detroit Lions have long been a pigskin piñata. Who didn't love taking swings at their soft, defeat-filled underbelly after every stupid move they made?

Even Congressmen enjoy making fun of Jay Cutler - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Paul Ryan, a Republican congressman from Wisconsin, spoke Tuesday to The Economic Club of Chicago about his debt-reduction plan: "As chairman of the House Budget Committee, I stand ready to do whatever it takes to help you re-sign Jay Cutler(notes). I'm here to talk about the economy today -- about the need to get four quarters of strong, consistent performance. That wasn't another Jay Cutler joke, I swear. It could be, but it's not,"