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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 5/23/11

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Denver Broncos safety David Bruton a $90-per-day substitute teacher during NFL lockout - The Denver Post
Armed with the bachelor's degree he earned from Notre Dame in 2009, Bruton has turned to substitute teaching to help fill his days in Miamisburg, Ohio, his hometown.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
"I was the No. 1 recruit going into college," Elway told me. "I was the No. 1 draft pick coming into the pros. I was always looked at a different way, and spent my time trying to blend in and make people around me realize I’m one of them, no matter where I went in the draft or whatnot. I didn’t come up through the NFL ranks even though I came up as a player through the NFL ranks. A lot of times players don’t get the credit because they didn’t come up through the personnel side or the coaching side."

Drop Percentage |
Elsewhere in the Top 10, you have a couple more guys who play mainly in the slot (Mike Thomas and Eddie Royal), and perhaps more surprisingly, one of the leagues’ best deep threats in 2010, Brandon Lloyd. The catches tend to be a bit harder the further downfield you go, but Lloyd displayed a previously unseen consistency to make plays on balls that you didn’t think he had any right to. news: Let's dance: Bears rookie Thomas helps girl with spina bifida
Joslyn Levell couldn't wait to get to school Monday. The eighth-grader became the most talked-about kid at Suncrest Middle School in Morgantown, W.Va., after scoring a date with Chicago Bears rookie J.T. Thomas for her end-of-school-year formal dance Friday. news: Lewis: 'Watch how much crime picks up' if lockout continues
"Do this research if we don't have a season -- watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game," Lewis said. news: Bears RB Wolfe faces charges after arrest in Miami
Chicago Bears running back Garrett Wolfe, a four-year pro, was arrested early Sunday in Miami and faces multiple charges, according to Miami-Dade County booking information. news: Saints sell out Superdome for sixth season in a row
For the sixth consecutive season, the New Orleans Saints have sold out the Superdome, The Times-Picayune reported Sunday. news: No. 15: Holmes' huge OT play saves Jets from tie in Cleveland
Some games are retrieved from the memory banks effortlessly, while others "fade into Bolivian," to quote Mike Tyson. news: Players appeal for end to NFL lockout in late-night court filing
Players who sued the NFL for alleged antitrust violations liken the league to a "cartel" in their latest court filing, again urging an appeals court to lift the lockout.

Simpler football doesn't mean worse play - AFC South Blog - ESPN
The lockout is forcing Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to scale back his plans. Eagles head coach Andy Reid is sure we’ll see a worse product when the NFL resumes action because of what will have been missed.

Minnesota Vikings' Ray Edwards cruises to win in boxing debut - ESPN
Amid the NFL's ongoing, drawn-out struggle, Ray Edwards' off-the-field fight was short and sweet Friday.

Report: Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton not concerned about jersey number - ESPN
The No. 1 pick in the NFL draft isn't concerned with numbers.

New England Patriots' Wes Welker, Tom Brady try to schedule workouts - ESPN Boston
Last year at this time, New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker was working out with quarterback Tom Brady, battling Los Angeles traffic and the emotional hurdles that came with rehabbing a torn ACL.

What's the Plan? | National Football Post
Although we have not yet reached the June 3rd appeal hearing, I am hearing questions of "What do we do next?" starting to ripple through the NFL player populace. Last week the Eighth Circuit (the Court) ruled to keep the lockout intact through the appeal process and – barring a surprise decision on appeal – showed their hand on the next ruling. Assuming the ruling on appeal tracks the ruling for the stay -- which is more likely than not -- the lockout will continue indefinitely.

David Garrard not worried about Blaine Gabbert | National Football Post
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard isn't intimidated by the arrival of rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert, who's regarded as the AFC South club's quarterback of the future.

Irsay says NFL needs to get back to work early July for normal season | National Football Post
If the NFL doesn't clean up its labor mess by early July and hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay believes it would be tough to have a normal preseason and start to the regular season. - Lockout limbo: Colts report
With NFL teams stuck in a state of limbo thanks to the lingering lockout, we are taking a tour around the league and looking at where teams stand as they await the opening of the 2011 league year. Today, we offer our take on where the Colts stand. - Chargers OLB English says he had foot surgery in March
Chargers OLB Larry English, coming off a disappointing, injury-plagued 2010 season, admitted to PFW Chargers correspondent Scott Bair, of the North County Times, that he had surgery on his injured left foot in early March. - Wisniewski ready to start and reconnect with uncle
In the weeks since the Raiders drafted him, Stefen Wisniewski has spent time in Western Pennsylvania, shuttling between his hometown of Pittsburgh and the Penn State campus in State College. The former Nittany Lion, who was Oakland's top draft pick (No. 48 overall), has been lifting weights with teammates and hanging out with his family, passing the time until the NFL labor dispute is settled and he can begin his career as a professional football player.

Kyle Williams: Beast |
Throughout 2010 there probably wasn’t a player I praised more than Kyle Williams. Despite playing in a scheme that wasn’t sure whether it wanted to be a 3-4 or 4-3 unit, and with some questionable talent around him, he made play after play after play.

Ponder might provide early dividends for Vikings - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
After playing footsie with Brett Favre(notes) over the last two seasons, the Minnesota Vikings put themselves in a position to need a starting quarterback rather desperately in preparation for the 2011 campaign. With Favre out of football (at least, that’s what he tells us in May) and a new Minnesota regime leading the way through what might be a painful rebuild, GM Rick Spielman and head coach Leslie Frazier surprised just about everybody by selecting Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder(notes) with the 12th overall pick.

Newton sleeps with his Carolina playbook - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Over the past few weeks Cam Newton(notes) has had a constant companion to help ease the tedium of the NFL lockout.