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Bronco Blatherings: Toronto Tuesday 5/31/11

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Welcome to the next offering of Bronco Blatherings. If you haven't read these in the recent past, this is a melange of tidbits, twitterings and trivia along with my own two cents worth tossed in. To begin with, Toronto mayor Rob Ford (as in Toronto, Canada) and his brother Doug, who is a councilman himself, are making a push for an NFL franchise. The plan is to bring a team to the 4th largest market in North America as soon as 2013. 

"I'll tell you one thing: before our four-year term is up (in 2013), hopefully we'll have an NFL team," (Rob) Ford said.

Somehow I don't think the Ford name is an alias for Mackenzie.


The first quarterback to have a 3,000 yard passing season for the Denver Broncos was Frank Tripucka in the franchise’s first year in the pro football, 1960. It wouldn’t happen again for 21 years when Craig Morton passed the mark in 1981. These would be the only 3,000 yard seasons either Tripucka or Morton would ever have for the team.

The first touchdown pass ever thrown by John Elway in the National Football League was thrown to running back Rick Parros.  This would be the only touchdown that the two would hook up for.


Question 1: 
How many postseason games were held at Mile High Stadium?


Question 2: What man (as of 2007) holds the record for being in the most Super Bowls, and how many?


The experts at NFL Network debate whether the player workouts being done are actually beneficial or merely a chance to bond with each other.

The supplemental draft will be held in July if there are applicants. So far, there's not a potential player willing to risk wasting a year out of football. The CBA's the thing, man.

In other news, since the league cannot or will not put on the annual Rookie Symposium, the (ahem) Players Association will host it's own. On June 28-29, the Players Association will host "The Business of Football: Rookie Edition," focusing on financial planning, personal security, media, etc. The Players Association will cover the cost of the event, including travel and lodging. The event will be held in Washington D.C.


MHR Member JT Kimball compiled a tremendous article about Draft Grading. It is an epic piece of work and a must read for draftniks.


Although Sam Farmer of the LA Times believes there is a 70% chance we will miss some NFL games this year. 


Apparently the outside world has noticed that Brandon Lloyd had a pretty good year.

Brandon Lloyd - On the field with the gang from @nflnetwork. 

A few minutes with...Brandon Lloyd NFL Network  pretty good interview. Here's an excerpt:

NFLN: If there was a sandwich named after you, what would be on it?

BL: It would be a burger. It would be a half-pound organic beef patty with a fried egg over hard, bacon, pickles, barbecue sauce and ketchup. And served with barbecue potato chips.


AFC East, NFC North, Tennessee and Cincinnati are all teams that the Broncos will play if there is a 2011 season. This is the section where I put information pertinent to that effect.


From the National Football Post: 

This could be twice good news. The Bronco don't visit the Twin Cities until Week 13, so the Williams' twins pending suspensions from the StarCaps case will likely be over with. But if Ray Edwards was to become a Bronco, it would tip the scale with addition by subtraction. Just a thought.

Speaking of the Vikings, they became the ninth team to turn down "Hard Knocks", according to the NFP. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons Broncos, and Detroit Lions are just four of the NFL teams that have already stated they have no interest in appearing on the next installment of the HBO program. The Jets and Bengals hosted the last two series.


Eddie Royal - For those of ya'll asking how im doing...  5/25  
Britt Davis - Had a great day of work down in sunny JAX with the fellas @TimTebow n @mrblloyd now time for dinner  5/26 


One quick last workout b4 I JET back to the west coast...make it a good one today

Demaryius Thomas - Made it to denver safe and sound

- @eddieroyal19 I just landed in denver big guy 2pm 5/27

-Bout to go get this workout with my man dj @pushperform_co 8:45 am 5/30 

Knowshon Moreno - Want a pair of @Reebok RealFlex? Enter the @FinishLine Knowshon Moreno Fan Experience to win a pair 8:30pm 5/26 

Brandon Lloyd - Just had a great convo with torry holt. Wish I could share how much he helped me with drills and preparation when I was in at Illinois. 8pm 5/29

LenDale White - Great wrkout wit the homies @BrianDawkins @LanceBall35 @E_Decker  5/26

Eric Decker - Again, thanks to @POWERADE for hydrating the 'boys at the bubble' ha! @ProLinkSports

87ed Ed McCaffrey by ProLinkSports End of a busy week working on my football camps for this summer in Colorado and Wash, DC - 2 camps will be for Down Syndrome kids & teens

Denver Broncos Parents, Summer Kickoff for kids is coming up June 4! Join Broncos Bunch today! 10am 5/27 
-Tim Tebow5 Products We'd Like to See the Denver Broncos QB Endorse 11am 5/26 

Denver Broncos 2011: Has Knowshon Moreno Lost His Starting Position? 5/26  
-New blog post: What Might Happen Next  5/31

NFL - Couple of WRs got grilled by on Memorial Day.  

Is Houston's Arian Foster one of the NFL's top five RBs? Pat Kirwan thinks so
Ross Tucker - Irony of lockout is a lot of season ticketholders would be thrilled if 2 preseason games were missed & they got 1/10 of their $ back.

XAMSports Scott Smith - Excellent interview with #Broncos TE @VGreen85  5/26 

Josina Anderson Wow! That's a lot of books #Broncos---->RT @deann16: Come and get your copy! @TimTebow 

Adam Schefter - And the count is on: 100 days till what is supposed to be the Saints-Packers Sept. 8th regular-season opener. Tick...tick...tick. 11:30am 5/31

- At this time, there have been no applicants for the NFL's supplemental draft. Thus, no date for one has been set. 6 hours ago 

- Even though there are no plans for one now because no one has applied, NFL allowed to hold supplemental draft; it's covered in 2006 CBA.

National Football Post Group asks FCC to eliminate NFL blackouts: Change would make fans in some cities happy 5/28  
ProLinkSports - Kyle Orton threw passes in Denver in the morning with Eric Decker and Dan Gronkowski.

-Normal crew of guys working out at the bubble today for Camp Dawkins, with one notable addition: Brian Dawkins Jr. joined his dad.

Sports Great Motivational Quote 
A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. - Muhammad Ali


Question 1: 13 - beginning with the 1977 AFC Divisional Playoff (a 24-17 defeat of Pittsburgh) and ending with the 1998 AFC Championship game (a 23-10 defeat of the New York Jets).

Question 2: Dan Reeves with 9 -- Two as a player, three as an Assistant and four as a Head Coach.


Bronco legend Floyd Little on lockout: Only an "absolute idiot" would walk away from $9B   3pm 5/26

Floyd Little is returning to Syracuse University, his Alma mater. Why? Because he wants to be what Ernie Davis couldn't.  

Little makes a plea for retired NFL players 

Well that little fix ought to hold you for a bit. I will post another one of these as it presents itself.

Go Broncos!