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The Broncos and the Post Draft Quarterback Situation

There are many folks in Denver and here at MHR that adamantly believe that Tim Tebow should be the starter at quarterback for the Denver Broncos in the upcoming season. There is also a growing sentiment that wishes the current starter Kyle Orton, to simply go away and make room for Tebow to sink or swim. While I don't really agree with those notions, who starts isn't the part of the equation I wanted to discuss. However, before the majority gets their wish, we should explore the parties involved.

Teams in the market for a quarterback before the draft were Arizona, Buffalo, Carolina, Miami, Minnesota, San Francisco and Tennessee. Cincinnati became a buyer because of Carson  Palmer's unhappiness and the Washington Redskins have been looking to upgrade from Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman.

In last weeks Draft, Carolina, Minnesota, San Francisco, Tennessee and Cincy each selected a QB. New England, Jacksonville and Kansas City found backups in Ryan Mallett, Blaine Gabbert and Ricky Stanzi respectively, to groom for the future. 

The QB's who are or may be available are Carson Palmer, Marc Bulger, Matt Moore, Seneca Wallace, Caleb Hanie (RFA), Drew Stanton, Matt Leinart, Luke McCown, Trent Edwards, Brodie Croyle, Tyler Thigpen, Chad Pennington, Tarvaris Jackson, Jim Sorgi, Bruce Gradkowski, Kyle Boller, Charlie Frye, Billy Volek, Alex Smith, Troy Smith, Matt Hasselbeck, Kerry Collins and Rex Grossman. Out of those 23 players, I would put Carson Palmer at the top. There might be four others worth acquiring as a starter, but that is open to interpretation.       

Under contract but could be considered trade-able are Kevin Kolb, Matt Flynn, Kyle Orton and Vince Young. So that brings the supply to around nine players. Now Arizona, Buffalo, Washington and Miami left the draft empty-handed, but there are other teams that won't stand pat on their draft.

Buffalo is going with Ryan Fitzpatrick, but want to add another QB to the roster. Arizona has John Skelton and is rumored to be leading the Kevin Kolb Sweepstakes. The Dolphins are looking to upgrade from Chad Henne and wouldn't need to spend much to improve their quarterback situation, especially with the fragile Chad Pennington gone.

The 49ers, Titans and Vikings each drafted a quarterback over the weekend, but still need an interim starter until the rookies are ready to start. Niners new head coach Jim Harbaugh would like Alex Smith to stay and even though the Tennessee Titans drafted Jake Locker, they are looking for an immediate starter for the next two years. Rumors have the Vikes linked to Donovan McNabb. Others say that Minnesota will throw Rookie Christian Ponder directly into the fray and let him compete with Joe Webb

The Redskins are a tough nut to crack. Mike Shanahan is having buyers remorse after giving Donovan McNabb a 6-year, $89.2 million contract. Rex Grossman is a Free Agent and it's difficult for me to believe Shanny Perhaps a 3-way trade with Cincy and Minnesota with Carson Palmer landing in Washington and McNabb to Minnesota.

The Seahawks are in a tough spot. They are trying to keep Matt Hasselbeck for some insane reason when they already have Charlie Whitehurst. Pete Carroll should really give him a chance after prying him away from San Diego last March and giving him a 2-year, $8 Million contract. Still, it is said they would like to add another quarterback into the mix.

I haven't heard any murmurs of a destination for Green Bay's Matt Flynn or Tennessee's Vince Young. Flynn will likely remain with the Packers since the lockout prevented player trading before the Draft last week. Word has it that Tennessee is 100% finished with Vince Young, but will they simply let him go for nothing?
While Kevin Kolb and Carson Palmer have gotten the main share of media interest and speculation, Kyle Orton and Marc Bulger are in the picture too.

Granted, the new NFL year has yet to begin and the Free Agency period opened, but where do you see this going MHR?

Go Broncos!