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Mile High Report Member Posting Frequency

Some time ago, as I was spending more and more time on Mile High Report I wanted to look at who the top commenters and posters were on the site. So I spent some time looking up the numbers and creating a post on the topic. The first one was done back in April 2010, and asked the question: How Often to Post? This looked at a number of members of MHR and created a ratio of comments per post they do. Now this post created some interesting discussion, but it really came down to whether your post had a purpose, if it did, post it. I did a follow up post in October of 2010 and rather then revisit the topic, I was looking to update the list I had, and have some fun looking at the numbers.

So while this off-season has been slow in terms of news relating to football, I thought it would be interesting to look a bit at Mile High Report and it's members. It is important to remember that there isn't a good or bad here, having a high or low ratio isn't better then the other.

Now as I said in the last two posts, obviously this isn't everyone, I apologize to those I have left off, but if I didn't include you you can go to you profile and take you comments and divide them by your posts and BAM! You have you own ratio. I also included the date these members joined, and those in bold are staffers.

The Table:

Numbers as of June 3, 2011 and only include numbers for Mile High Report:

Name Posts Comments Ratio Comments per Post
Alex 41 3471 85
bfree2bronc 72 12313 171
bradley 91 4264 47
Brain Shrout 318 6978 22
Colby 52 357 7
DBroncs1414 67 4032 60
Doc Bear 248 7659 31
ejruiz 84 2226 27
Jeremy Bolander 718 11626 16
Jezru 85 986 12
j-man 93 952 10
John Bena 3484 3388 1
Jon Tollerud 148 4703 32
jonmark 131 313 2
KaptainKirk 310 9110 29
maxwellsdemon 78 8874 114
McGeorge 13 11292 869
mdierk 222 1585 7
Nick Cast 196 10555 54
Rich Kurtzman 5 15 3
sadaraine 46 3658 80
Sayre Bedinger 411 5792 14
Skotty 218 5248 24
Steve Nichols 303 9190 30
swg777 85 1680 20
the new Bradfather 19 4894 258
Tim Lynch 482 17136 36
TJ Johnson 103 5915 57
Troy Hufford 198 17964 91
Worthington 31 844 27


Here are a few quick awards for those I looked at, and are just for Mile High Report numbers, I didn't include all of the other SB Nation sites. Feel free to post your own numbers and ratios in the comments section if you want to.

Comment Champ: Troy Hufford (17964)

Highest Ratio (highest ratio of comments to posts): McGeorge (869 comments for every post)

Lowest Ratio (lowest ratio of comments to posts): John Bena (1 comments for every post)