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Mile High Report Poll of the Week for June 12, 2011

I am ecstatic about the response for last weeks poll, we had over 500 people respond to the poll, and got some great feedback, it was a nice experience to learn a bit more about some of the members here. So as this weekly segment moves forward, I'm hoping that each week I will be able to briefly review the previous weeks poll results before we move onto the current weeks poll.

So to do this, let's review last week's numbers:

Location Votes Percentage
Colorado 156 30%
West Coast 94 18%
Rockies 65 12%
Mid West 54 10%
South 60 11%
North East 25 5%
Great Lakes 9 2%
Alaska and Hawaii 13 2%
International 47 9%
Total: 523 100%

So I was pleasantly surprised with the results of this poll, noting that the majority of Mile High Report members who responded to this poll came from outside of Colorado. Another big thing I liked seeing was that almost 10% of respondents were from outside the United States. A lot of traffic coming this way from the West coast and Rockies, with fewer and fewer as you move eastward. One huge thing I found was a very small number, abnormally small number, of members coming from the Great Lakes area, and I think that is based on the idea that there a number of very popular teams already clustered that, as well as a lot of legacy for football. That's just my idea, I really have no idea.

So I was very pleased with last weeks results, learned a lot about the community. Now for this weeks poll, let's get to it.

So for this week, I wanted to look at the recent troubles some fans have had with Top 100 lists, whether created by players or fans. So my question to you, who do you want putting that list together?