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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 6/15/11



NFL Lockout: News Remains Positive As Owners, Players Continue To Meet -
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Q&A with Ron Milus
Secondary Coach Ron Milus discusses rejoining the Broncos, his desire for an aggressive defensive back group that is fundamentally sound and more in a Q&A with

Woody's Mailbag: NFL coaches aren't allowed to work with players during lockout - The Denver Post
Sports columnist Woody Paige responds to your questions in Woodys Mailbag. In this installment, Woody tackles six questions, including four related to the NFL lockout.

NFL, players making headway but don't expect resolution soon - The Denver Post
Don't break out the tailgate gear just yet. An end to the NFL lockout might not be imminent. It does appear much closer than at any point in the last three months, though.

Lockout update: DeMaurice Smith is doing exactly what NFL players hired him to do - The Denver Post
Today's question about the NFL comes from Chris Norwood of Las Vegas. Q: As the NFL lockout continues to drag on, it seems to me that the problem with the negotiations is union leader DeMaurice Smith.

NFL lockout: Teams cut payrolls. Commissioner gets $1. -
NFL lockout forces at least seven teams to cut payrolls, either through furloughs or salary reductions, until NFL lockout ends. Some owners stand by NFL workers.

N.F.L. Lockout Could Cost Former Lineman Care at Dementia Facility -
SUGAR LAND, Tex. — The potential casualties of the N.F.L.’s work stoppage include players, owners and, eventually, parking-lot attendants and many others whose work is tied to the sport.

Broncos' QB Brady Quinn practices with team in Denver - The Denver Post
Brady Quinn has wounded veterans in his heart, sick kids in his hair and a football career that leaves him little choice but to think about No. 1.

Brady Quinn joins Broncos' player-organized workouts - The Denver Post
All Bronco quarterbacks have now been accounted for. Brady Quinn showed up this week to attend Camp Landow, otherwise know as the Bronco players organized workouts at the sports bubble.

Mike & Scott Hour - 6/14/11

The home of playoff chokers? - AFC West Blog - ESPN
If the fine folks at Football Outsiders have anything to do with it, the AFC West would adopt this slogan: Welcome to the AFC West, where we choke in the postseason.

Insurance News - Travelers' Asks Court to Intercept Football Players' Comp Claims
A member company of the Travelers insurance pool has filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Denver seeking a declaratory judgment to block workers' compensation claims by former pro football players.

Chiefs tight end Pope a saving grace of NFL lockout - The Denver Post
Rarely are residents of Broncos Nation encouraged to cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs. Aside from the obvious (when they play the Oakland Raiders).

Madden NFL 12 at E3: Panthers at Broncos |
Wrapping up the Madden 12 gameplay videos from E3 are segments from a game with the Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos in the snow. A short clip from this game was posted last week as well. Cam Newton leads the Panthers and Tim Tebow starts for the Broncos with both having been placed at the top of their respective team’s depth charts.