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Bronco Blatherings - Friday's Fly Patterns - 6/17/11

Welcome to the next edition of Broncos Blatherings. More Trivia, Twitterings and Tripe for you to traipse through. The picture above is for you to enjoy. It is not intended to be a highlight posting for Eric Decker, although he is mentioned down further. I hope there is enough to satisfy you all. There are a few links that are more recent since Horse Tracks this morning, so it is not all old stuff that you may or may have not missed. Anyhow, Down. Set. Hut hut...HUT!


The Broncos not only won the first American Football League (AFL) game ever played (beating the Boston Patriots 13-10 on September 9, 1960), but they were first AFL team to defeat an NFL team (Detroit Lions in a preseason game on August 5, 1967).

John Elway ended his career with exactly 300 career touchdown passes thrown.

Elway was more effective at home than on the road. The home advantage at Mile High Stadium led to him throwing 180 touchdown passes there as opposed to 120 on the road.

The 2nd quarter was John’s favorite. He threw 60 career touchdown passes in the 1st quarter, 61 in the 3rd, and 59 in the 4th. Over the course of his career he threw 120 touchdown passes in the 2nd quarter.


When asked about the place that he most enjoys going to breakfast Jason Elam replied, "IHOP, pancakes with blackberry syrup."

I don't like to lose, and that isn't so much because it is just a football game, but because defeat means the failure to reach your objective. -- Knute Rockne


Question 1: Prior to 2009 when Denver selected TE Richard Quinn, who is the only Bronco player to have a last name beginning with the letter Q?

Question 2: What did Defensive Back Louis Wright do against the Chargers in 1985?

Question 3: What was John Elway's record at Mile High?


How to talk to the media like a Patriot, in four simple steps

Bill Parcells has his 11 commandments for quarterbacks. Well Bill Belichick has 4 rules for dealing with the media, as told by Tedy Bruschi

Cleveland Browns Tackle Joe Thomas thinks the ordinary offseason schedule might be counterproductive.

"You certainly don’t need as much as we had. Even in my rookie year, by the time the regular season started I’m thinking, ‘Man is this thing ever going to start?’ I didn’t even feel like a rookie at the end of training camp because you go through six weeks of training camp, OTA’s, two minicamps, you’ve got preseason games, and the volume is incredible. It’s something you’ve never seen before. Probably more practices than you had in your entire college career up to the first regular season game."

Father's Day  By Jimmy Kimmel

I just had to put this in here. Father's Day is this Sunday and some of you will benefit from that fact. My Dad is a bit like the father written about in this next piece. I placed it in this section because I thought it was amusing and it fit with this particular time of year. Believe it or not, I found this on the ESPN page. It is a well written story from Jimmy Kimmel. You know, The late-night host? Well I had to click on the link because I was trying to figure out why they would let the likes of Jimmy Kimmel write on a Sports Blog. I must say that I wasn't disappointed. It isn't really hilarious, but it's worth the read.


I know Pryor has hired an agent and turned down the CFL, but it is not a lock that he will be playing in the NFL this season. First off, there isn’t a supplemental draft as of now and even if there was, he doesn’t meet the criteria that the NFL has used in the past for players to enter the supplemental draft. Pryor did not flunk out of school and he still has a year of college eligibility. He was suspended for five games this season but he still could have come back and played in the final seven games and a bowl game. He also could have transferred down to a school at a lower level of competition and played this year or just transferred to another FBS school and sit out the year.

In the past, players in the supplemental draft had lost the ability to finish their college career because of grades or other circumstances. For Pryor to be in a supplemental draft the league office would have to change their requirements. I’m not saying they won’t but do they want to? That could be setting a bad precedent. Just because a player wants to play in the NFL doesn’t mean the league has to let him in. Remember, the NFL was taken to court back when Mike Williams and Maurice Clarett wanted to enter the draft and won. The circumstances for Pryor are far different, but the league could make Pryor sue to get into the NFL this year.

Terrelle Pryor's Agent is Drew Rosenhaus. If anyone can make it happen, the Shark can. Word is, that Pryor and Drew have applied for the Supplemental Draft. Whether it goes down that way or not, only time will tell.


Brandon Lloyd working out with Tim Tebow

A Tweet from Ed McCaffrey  - I'm excited to announce that Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Eric Decker will be a coach at the Ed McCaffrey Football Camp this summer in Highlands Ranch, Colorado! As many of you know, when Eric was drafted by the Broncos last year, he chose #87 as his uniform number Can't beat that! So come join two #87's this summer, June 27th-30th, at Valor Christian High School -- sign up at

1. Ryan Clady
8. Chris Kuper
13. J.D. Walton
16. Zane Beadles

Jacksonville Jaguars’ pass-rusher Aaron Kampman believes Denver’s Ryan Clady is the best left tackle in the NFL

John Fox will try to instill toughness, balance in Broncos


Sorry. I didn't get into this subject very much during the week.

A Tweet from Agent JR Rickert - Look for Cincinnati Bengals Restricted Free Agent Nate Livings to draw plenty of interest in the Offensive Line... 

National Football Post - Dolphins eye a change of pace in the backfield: Jeff Ireland says team seeks a complementary back  6/16


This has some funny stuff in it.

Albert Haynesworth is number one on the list, but Plaxico isn't.

And along those same lines:

Change of scenery, big results?

5 Free Agents poised to help new teams and speculation to where they'll end up.

A new site I discovered through the Twitterverse. If you're into kicking or trying to turn your son into "Daddy's little meal ticket," this is as good a place as any.

Vets still rank as top pass rushers but young faces closing gap

A piece by Pat Kirwan grouping Pass Rushers. Instead of 1-5, it's A through E.  He ranks Elvis Dumervil at the top of Group C because of his Pectoral injury. Probably a fair assessment all things considered. There are some good players ranked below him and Kirwan has a pretty good eye. He is definitely someone who's opinion I respect.

TRIVIA ANSWERS from last week

Question 1: What was the most lop-sided win in Broncos history?

A: A 46-3 defeat of the New York Jets on September 19, 1976

Question 2: How many times have the Broncos gone undefeated at home in the regular season since the NFL began the 16-game schedule? If that's too easy, name them.

A: 5 - 1981, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2005.

Question 3: What NFL teams did Pat Bowlen attempt to buy before "settling" for the Broncos?

A: The Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys.


Question 4: What Bronco player was known as "the Rock on the Right Side?"

A: Ken Lanier

Question 5: How many quarterbacks started for the Broncos before John Elway?

A: 24



Zane Beadles 
Life is rough... View from the pool in paradise
3pm 6/13

Lance Ball #legoo Mondays r always fun #letswork 6/13
-Ballin' at the gym right's be quiet Monday. 6/13

-Headed to get a great workout in!!!! Hope everyone has a great day. Stay up! 6/16

-Lil extra pull ups dips & push ups at Red Rocks. Time to head home!!! 6/16

-Since I'm getting screamed on for not tellin' people about my bdayparty at Rockstar this weekend...everyone is (cont)  6/16

David Bruton Got That Workout In... Great Things Are Done When Men And Mountains Meet... 6/13

-That Workout Was Serious. Now Food And Sleep... 6/14

-5am workout. 6am Kickboxing and Martial Arts 6/15

-Real talk. That kickboxing martial arts whooped my ass. Great thing tho... Gon become a regular 6/15


-5AM lift done. Time for that kickboxing and mix martial arts... 6/17 

-Great work in this morning... 6/17

Eric Olsen Think I'm gonna name my first son Thor. 6/13

Heading to @ParisiSpeed to get this week started right. 6/13 

Parisi Speed School - The industry leader in sports performance enhancement- we train athletes from 7 years old to Pros.

Cassius Vaughn - @eddieroyal19 yeah what's up 6/15

Eddie Royal - @CassiusVaughn you gon be in denver next week?

Eddie Royal - U ever been at a game and feel like the guy in front of u holding this sign?? lol  6/13

LenDale White - Red rocks #wow 6/16

ProLink Sports, LLC - Start of Broncos/NFL run at Red Rocks Amphitheatre today with @LorenLandow. Good challenge @ 6400 feet! 6/16

Tim Tebow - RT @Angel_XV: @TimTebow has just announced a #ThroughMyEyes book signing @BooksandBooks in Coral Gables, FL!  6/14 

Orlando Franklin - Just got a great workout in at um now its time to eat. 6/14 

Demaryius Thomas - Doc josh tried killing me today.. Leg is on fire, but I see great results 6/16 

Von Miller I'm going to be in Denver next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #excited!!! #anxious!!! 6/15

-Just finished a great workout with my teammates.. I feel great! It feels good to be in Aggieland! #whoop  6/17 

Eric Decker 1st Annual Eric Decker Golf Classic & Football Camp coming up on June 24th & 25th! Shout out to @popchipsCO for their help & support!  6/15

Julius Thomas  - Just got this workout in with @CarlSommer93. Gotta get right with these lockout talks getting better. S/O to #sweetsweat 2pm 6/14 

-Ah the fresh feeling of a new snap back. Especially a Broncos one. Priceless! 6/15

-Film, footwork and top of routes. Great workout lined up for today. @treetodatop we gonna see how you were looking in the spring 6/16

ProLink Sports, LLC Nice to see Brady Quinn out at the Broncos workout today. Another four day workout week starts. 6/13

Denver Broncos Broncos' QB Brady Quinn practices with teamin Denver  6/14

NFL RT @NFLMase Broadcast Boot Camp "champ" to get NFL TV gig  4/15

NFL - New kickoff rules could be a shot in the arm for Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts 6/17 

Rep1Sports - Received lots of questions about Cardinals/Burress. Don't see it as a fit. He plays the 'X', which is Fitz's spot. AZ doesn't need an old WR 6/15

Ryan Clady - @DarynColledge73:Another <~ Congrats bro 6/16 

That's all I've got for this week. Have a great weekend and do something for the old man while your at it.

Go Broncos!