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Mile High Report Poll of the Week for June 19, 2011

I'm really enjoying the responses I've been getting from this weekly poll, and am looking forward to future ones. So last week we asked the question: If you want to see a Top 100 list of players in the NFL, who do you want putting that list together? And we got over 200 votes. So here is the breakdown of last weeks poll results:

Answer: Votes Percentage
Players 31 14%
Coaches and GM's 54 24%
Players, Coaches and GM's 122 54%
TV Analysts 4 2%
Fans 15 7%
Total: 226 100%

It was pretty obvious that most members felt that a combined effort of the players, coaches and general managers would likely put together the best list, while fans and analysts were shot down by a huge margin, combining for less then 10% of the total votes. This is how I hoped it would turn out, while I always find it fun to see fans top 100 or top 10 lists, I feel a list made from the compiled efforts of the men who are actually on the field, or those who teach, train and evaluate those players, would be more accurate.

So with a new week before us, and hopefully a week closer to a new CBA, let's get this going.

This weeks question is a followup to the Poll of the Week from two weeks ago that asked where members were from, for this week, I wanted to look at how long you have been a fan of the Broncos. As we gained a number of new Broncos this past draft, we hope each will come to love the Broncos, though few are likely Bronco fans by birth, but we still welcome them. Born a Bronco or a convert to the nation, as long as you root for the Broncos on Sunday, that's good enough for me.