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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 6/19/11



Time to be concerned about quality of play when NFL lockout ends - St. Petersburg Times
Heaven help me but I almost cared about the NFL the other night. It was late, and I was tired, and my defenses were down. I certainly didn't mean to care about the NFL. When the owners locked their gates, it turns out, my ability to give a rip was left on the outside.

Denver Broncos: Oakland Raiders Rivalry Will Be Much Different This Season |
One day soon, when the lockout actually wants to cooperate — and you know, when we actually have a season and all to look forward to — maybe then this Broncos vs. Raiders thing will actually matter. Maybe then,  it could actually match that of the Packers vs. Bears — the rivalry the NFL constantly salutes, when Brett Favre is out of the picture of course.

Paige: Boulder attorney talks pros, cons of NFL lockout - The Denver Post
The fight between the billionaires and the millionaires is incomprehensible and illogical to the thousandaires and the hundredaires. Sunday will mark the 100th day since the NFL lockout commenced.

NFL Videos: AFC West team needs
Jamie Dukes and Willie McGinest break down the team needs of Denver, San Diego, Kansas City, and Oakland.

Former Texan Marcus Coleman On Texans GM Rick Smith: "Rick Doesn't Do A Whole Lot." - SB Nation Houston
Rick Smith is not having a good week. Following Ahman Green's interview on 1560 The Game with Sean Pendergast, where he got after Smith regarding his time in Houston, the station brought in former Texan Marcus Coleman to speak on Smith and the Texans as well.

Football Reporters Online | Players & Fans Wait Together On End To NFL Lockout
When sports crowns a new NBA champion & NHL Stanley Cup winner, it begins the summer sports lull that is usually filled by the start of NFL mini-camps and the start of training camp. A buzz normally fills the air on what teams are looking good in training camp, even before the preseason opener.

The 1997-98 Denver Bronco Revenge Tour – Revisited
The Broncos finally won their first Lombardi Trophy in 1998 when they beat the Green Bay Packers 31-24 in Super Bowl XXXII. I am assuming most die-hard Bronco fans have a pretty good recollection of that game; not just the final score but some of the details or major plays of the game as well (Terrell Davis’s migraine headache, John Elway’s "helicopter leap," Eugene Robinson calling the Broncos the Colts, and John Mobley knocking down Favre’s pass, which preserved the victory, to name a few).

Floyd Little w/ CJ & Klatt

Advice from Floyd Little: "Do the deal" - The Denver Post
Like a lot of folks, when he's looking for answers, Floyd Little will often point and click to Google. Even if the Hall of Famer's topic for the do-it-all search engine is the NFL's $9 billion labor squabble, which figures to change the career landscape of players — past, present and future.

Q&A: Communication devices raise problems for NFL - The Denver Post
Todays question comes from Dave Taylor: What are the parameters of headset communication between the quarterback and (usually) the offensive coordinator?

Kickin' it: Quarterback questions still haunt during lockout - The Denver Post
"I understand there is no contact allowed between NFL players and coaches during the lockout, but is there some feedback via agents? I'd expect Broncos management is happy with Brian Dawkins running workouts."

Graham receives a Little boost to kick off his camp - The Denver Post
He is no longer a Bronco, but Daniel Graham's heart remains in Denver. "No matter where I go, my home is always going to be here," Graham said Friday afternoon, surrounded by the swirl that was his foundation's fifth football camp. High school players took the field Friday, with about 450 younger players set to participate today.