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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 6/22/11



NFL Lockout 2011: Details Emerge In Proposed CBA, Free Agency Rules Affect Denver Broncos - SB Nation Denver
Though the Eighth Circuit Court will likely rule on the lockout imposed by the owners in early July, the owners and the players may beat the judges to the punch and have a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place inside of a few weeks. Over the last several weeks the two sides have been negotiating and on Tuesday some of the details emerged.

NFL meeting produces ‘better understanding’ - Chicago Sun-Times
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell left today’s meeting with the owners saying he feels the ownership has a "better understanding" of the proposed collective bargaining agreement. Goodell and the owners met for about five and a half hours at the Westin O’Hare in Rosemont. Goodell said.

NFL ready to rush toward labor deal - The Denver Post
NFL owners emerged Tuesday after a day-long review of the broad concepts of a possible labor agreement with locked-out players ready to intensify talks with the goal of reaching an accord by early July.

Poll: 2010 first-round class - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Last week, we looked at the 2009 AFC West first-round class in our poll. This week, we’ll move on to the 2010 first-round class from the division. It seems like a much more promising group.

Tim Tebow-Kyle Orton-Brady Quinn Competition A Lucky Miss For Rams - The Sports of St. Louis - SB Nation St. Louis
With Josh McDaniels safely ensconced in St. Louis, the Denver Broncos have been less and less interested in guaranteeing Tim Tebow, his favorite protege and perhaps the most marketable player in the NFL, a starting position heading into 2011—despite his 2010 numbers, which were about as good as could be expected from Tebow as a rookie. The result is apparently going to be a three-way race between Tebow, deposed starter Kyle Orton, and former top prospect Brady Quinn this offseason—whenever this offseason actually begins.

Fox Still Hounded By Starting QB Question | Football News Now
This just in…the Denver Broncos still have not decided who their starting quarterback will be in 2011. Considering the Denver media have spent more time watching players practice this offseason than new head coach John Fox, it kind of makes sense the team will wait to, you know, see the players in person before they make that decision.

2011 NFL Trade Rumors – Broncos Dealing Orton? | Gather
NFL training camps are still up in the air when it comes to when and if they will ever start, but teams are still trying to put feelers out and make changes to add depth and leadership to their organization.