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Mile High Report Poll of the Week for June 26, 2011

So I was pretty happy with learning even more about members here and how long they've followed the Broncos. Got a lot of great responses. One of the biggest things talked about in the comments had to with not only how long they'd been fans, but also what memories caused them to become Bronco fans, or who in their life helped them see the light. So without further ado, lets get to the table:

Answer: Votes Percentage
Born to bleed Orange and Blue 140 73%
Faithful convert 47 25%
Still testing the waters 3 2%
Broncos? I think I'm on the wrong site 0 0%
Total: 190 100%

I was also very happy to note that 100% of respondents at least had some interesting in the Broncos, and that 98% were loyal fans, which always makes me happy. So with a quarter of Mile High Report members converts to the faith, and 73% either born to the Broncos, or joining at a young age, I think it's a good balance.

So with last week behind us, lets get to this week.

So this past week there has been a lot of good news in reference to CBA talks and the upcoming free agency, and so with that in mind, I wanted to get a feel for what you fellow Bronco fans thought our biggest need was when free agency starts up again?