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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 6/28/11


Witness in Darrent Williams case likely to enter witness protection - The Denver Post
Its possible that Daniel Harris will never again see his mother, his sisters or any other family members. But instead of a life sentence, he is getting a new life.

NFL lockout: Beware clash of owners -
ST. LOUIS – As the longest work stoppage in NFL history reached the 100-day marker on Thursday, there were significant signals coming out of suburban Boston that the lockout could be reaching its final days.

NFL Lockout: Players, Officials meet in Boston
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league and players, stuck in a long labor stalemate, "have a lot of work to do and we've got to do it right."

NFL Rookies Meet In Florida To Talk About Money | The Big Lead
In an effort to keep things business as usual during the NFL lockout, more than 125 NFL rookies are expected to be in attendance for The Business of Football, Rookie Edition, scheduled to take place in Florida on June 28-29. All 254 of the players who were drafted by teams in April have been invited.

Rookie pay a hot topic that has been brewing for years | National Football Post
It was early in training camp in 2004 when the Chicago Bears headed to Western Illinois University for three days of joint practices with the St. Louis Rams.

Broncos will need backup RBs - The Denver Post
There is optimism the NFL will have a labor settlement in the next two weeks. Beware optimism. But whenever free agency begins, the Broncos will try to sign players for at least three positions — running back, defensive tackle and pass-catching tight end.

'Me time' a lockout casualty - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
With crucial meetings between the NFL owners and the NFL Players Association leadership set to begin their fifth week, both sides realize economic harm is coming and the time is ripe to make a deal (here is analysis of reported issues they are hammering out).

NFL Lockout: Talks Enter Another Week -
The NFL lockout enters another week and, like previous weeks, we're not sure when the work stoppage will end. The latest updates says a contingent of owners and players will continue to meet this week at an undisclosed location. Previously, they have met in Chicago, Long Island, Maryland and Boston.