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NFL labor talks: Secret Meetings Continue

Negotiators representing the NFL owners and the NFL Players will resume talks today in Minnesota. This time, the Commissioner and the *NFLPA Executive Director will be heavily involved.

Per a report from ESPN's Chris Mortensen, representatives of the negotiating teams of the NFL and the NFL Players Association have agreed to four consecutive days of talks in the Minneapolis area starting Tuesday through Friday.

Fans can only hope that this is another sign that the Lockout is nearing an end.

The negotiations have gone on for 5 consecutive weeks now. The two sides having previously met in Chicago, New York, Maryland and last week in Massachusetts.

Further reports state that Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan is overseeing the talks. Those involved include NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFLPA* Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and their immediate aids. No Owners or players are joining this 4 day session.

The past meetings have largely discussed splitting the revenue pie, the major issue. Last week, the Rookie Wage scale was subject was raised and that issue seems to be going slower than expected. The Free Agency "Time of Service" and the Franchise Tags are also areas that need to be addressed.

The NFL lockout, which began on March 11, has reached it's 4th month. The next Court date is approaching soon and the 2011 Football season hangs in the balance.

NFL Training Camps are normally scheduled to begin in less than a month. The 1st preseason game, between the Bears and the Rams, is slated for August 7th at the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions in Canton, Ohio. That's 40 days from now.

Let's hope they get it done right and get it done soon. The people want their Football!