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Bronco Blatherings: Friday's Fumbles- 6/3/11


Okay, here it is Friday. The 80th day of an NFL Lockout that no one wants to talk about. We won't do that here either. This is your chance to ease into the weekend with a little bit of Orange and Blue. I have the usual twitterings and trivia along with some 2011 Bronco opponents recent news mixed in with some Bronco-related bulletins and some stuff you might not even be interested in. But rest assured there will be something in here for you. One more thing. As it was suggested, the Trivia answers will be withheld for a bit so you may ponder at your leisure. Ready? Jump. 



The Bronco have had the worst Offense (statistically speaking) in the AFL 4 times (1960, 1961, 1964 and 1967) but they have led the NFL once. In 1996, they ran 1,092 total plays, gained 336 1st downs and scored 391 points.

The Denver Broncos last shutout of an opponent on the Road was September 27, 1992, when they skunked Cleveland 12-0.



"People on the inside at Dove Valley were undecided on Moreno as a No. 1 pick, but, since then, they have decided: He's not a big-time running back. He doesn't have the skill set or the mind-set. That's why I've been pumping Carolina's DeAngelo Williams long before the Broncos hired John Fox or admitted they needed another running back."

Denver Post columnist Woody Paige-tooting his own Windbag.


Question 1: How many Sacks did the Bronco Defense record in 1988?

Question 2: Which team has Denver played most frequently in postseason games?

Question 3: Which decade did the Broncos have the best regular-season winning percentage. 1970s, 1980s, 1990s or 2000s?

Question 4: Do the Broncos have a winning record in games following the Bye Week?

Question 5: Who holds Denver's regular-season record for receiving yards in a single game by a Rookie?

A) Rick Upchurch   
B) Brandon Marshall  
C) Ricky Nattiel   
D) Vance Johnson


"All three coaches' philosophies seemed to center around one trait -- toughness."

 On June 7 and 9, the Broncos will hold a high school combine twice per day for players of all levels.

Kyle has plenty to do while the NFL is in limbo.

TD won't be a coach because of the long hours

McD's little brother has a summer job working with the quarterbacks as a guest coach at the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ training camp. Nice Goal eh?



Oakland's Rookie head coach wants to resurrect the Raider's old-school mystique

Kenny Britt's felony charge reduced: Wide receiver still facing lesser charges

Packers linemen get together for workouts: Center Scott Wells leads the way 

Bengals' workouts to kick off next week: Whitworth, Peko organize workout 

Christian Ponder's targets don't show for workouts: Hopefully attendance improves today

Well that's no way to lead rookie.

Porkchop chats with Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley.

Whether he stays or goes, Asomugha will affect the AFC West. So it would be wise to keep track of him.


Demaryius Thomas - Just got done with rehab.. 1:30pm 5/31

Got home from rehab this lazy dude @E_Decker is still in the bed sleep..

Just got that second workout in with my dude dj.. Went in today.. 4pm 5/31

Just got done with a workout.. Bout to get a lil workout in the pool 4pm 6/3

Eddie Royal - If u wanna go to my FREE football camp click here!!!  7pm 6/2

Cassius Vaughn - Just landed in the Mile High City @BrianDawkins @LanceBall35 what time we working tomorrow?? 9:30pm 5/31

Eric Olsen - How come there aren't any pics of girls wearing MY jersey like this?! What are they waiting for?  3pm 6/2

Lance Ball - @CassiusVaughn Ball at lifetime then a lil gym work #letswork !!!!! 6/1

Finally finished my workouts!!!! Hope everyones day is going muy bueno!!! Holla. 3pm 6/2

Von Miller has a tattoo - It's a watermelon slice, a chicken leg, a dollar sign, and a hater! Haha it's not finished doe  4:15pm 6/3

Brady Quinn - Tomorrow will be the day, cutting the hair off to donate it... Then I'll start the process over again. Got to for more info 6/1

Britt Davis - Make sure y'all grab a copy of USA today and check out @TimTebow article!  6/1

Knowshon Moreno - Sat. at 12pm MDT join me @FinishLine in Park Meadows Mall for a Q&A session or watch it live on Facebook  3:30pm 6/3

Tim Tebow - Thanks to all the great fans that came out to celebrate the grand opening of the @Jockey factory store in Kenosha, WI! 8pm  5/31

THROUGH MY EYES by Tim Tebow is on sale today in hardcover and e-book formats!

Back in NYC for the @TheDailyShow tomorrow night... Lovin' the view of an orange and blue Empire State building!

Happy to be back home in Denver... Looking forward to seeing everyone @TatteredCover tomorrow! 3pm 6/3

Denver Broncos - Tim Tebow's autobiography, "Through My Eyes," offers closer look at Denver ...  6/2 

ProLink Sports, LLC - Week 4 of bronco workouts are in the books and the boys are looking awesome! 4pm 6/2

Denver Broncos - Broncos Combine for HS Football Players. Next week at the Broncos Training Facility. For details 9 hours ago 

Photos: Denver Broncos Terrell Davis  6/2 

Adam Schefter - A proven vet is back for more: Mile High Football Camp, June 19th-22nd. It's the camp's 36th year. 4pm 5/31

Ross Tucker - Why new NFLPA Symposium is so important, your emails, & one of the top 5 days of my life 4pm 5/31

New Era Scouting - Breaking down the top 50 free agents and where they are headed  6/1

NationalFootballPost - Will Orton be in the mix for Cards post-lockout?: Arizona still needs an answer at the QB position. 6am 6/2

NFL - Which team should trade for Eagles' QB Kevin Kolb once the lockout ends? 6/1

JR Rickert - Read how the NFL lockout affects my agency as well as other local businesses in The Business Review... 7am 6/2


Bills to unveil new uniforms June 24 at public party

The older players and the injured seeing the physical benefit in a forced rest.

Who's the NFL's best QB in crunch time?

The big Tuna thinks that player-led workouts can be worthwhile, depending on the player leading them.

Porkchop thinks the chances of an AFC West team signing Plaxico Burress are slim. Plax will taste freedom again this Monday.

Adam Schefter tweets about Plaxico Burress 

- Giants RB Brandon Jacobs said chances of Plaxico Burress rejoining his former team are "slim to none." Jacobs said Eagles are a favorite.

- Brandon Jacobs said Plaxico will have about 8 options. He listed Philly and St. Louis; said Miami and Indy were interested "at one time."

 Jacobs, who talks to Plaxico regularly: "There is no chance Plaxico Burress is a New York Giant after he comes home."

If Eagles needed another advantage in landing Plaxico Burress, they have one. Brandon Jacobs said Michael Vick has spoken to Burress.

Drew Rosenhaus I'm excited about Plax's release Monday. He'll be a highly sought after free agent once the lockout is over. He's in great shape & healthy. 3pm 5/31


Kickology: Onside Kicks, part 1

Another from JT Kimbell (studbucket)

That's all I got for now. Enjoy your weekend. I will post the Trivia answers in a couple of days. Until then...

Go Broncos!