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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 7/10/11

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NFL lockout: Rookie pay system among remaining negotiating obstacles - The Washington Post
Working out the details of a rookie pay system is among the final remaining negotiating obstacles for the NFL and locked-out players as they attempt to complete a deal to end the sport’s nearly four-month shutdown in time to preserve a full preseason, according to people not involved in the talks but familiar with them.

NFL Lockout: Mediation Session Scheduled For July 19 -
The NFL and NFLPA will take part in a formal mediation session on July 19, according to a report on Saturday morning. While the owners and players have made progress, the mediation session, ordered by Judge Arthur J. Boylan, is meant to update the court on the progress of the talks, though the work could be done by then. The two sides have been voluntarily negotiating as of late and clear progress has been made, according to reports from the meetings.

Ex-Bronco Pete Duranko battled ALS bravely - The Denver Post
Former Broncos and Notre Dame defensive lineman Pete Duranko died Friday after a long, brave and public battle with Lou Gehrigs disease. Duranko, 67, died in Johnstown, Pa., his hometown.

Clock ticking for NFL to get a deal - The Denver Post
In the world of wins and losses, the only spotless record belongs to time, which marches on no matter the combatants. And as football fans wonder when the NFL's current labor dispute will end, it is time that may get them the solution they desire.

Kickin' it: Can Denver compare to legendary Windy City? - The Denver Post
Sports columnist Mark Kiszla combs his inbox for extraordinary feedback and exceptional analysis, then responds in kind online each Sunday.

Expect the Broncos to run a lot more this year | ProFootballTalk
While Brandon Lloyd and the Broncos receivers may not have loved seeing Josh McDaniels go, one group of Broncos had to be thrilled when John Fox was hired: The offensive linemen. After years of throwing the ball a ton, the Broncos figure to be a run-heavy team this year.

2011 Position Preview: Safeties
In part five of the series, Broncos TV takes a look at the safety position and what fans can expect from the group this season.