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Introducing MHR Galloping Polls

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Starting later today you will start to see a regular feature here on MHR which will be a weekly series of polls to gauge this Bronco Community's general approval rating for the illustrious members of the Three-Legged-Stool, which is to say the new front office combo of Fox/Elway/Xanders.

These approval ratings will obviously be called: Gallop Polls.

Now I have two reasons that I am starting this series. The first is the very simple reason of wanting to be able to gauge over time how good of a job fans are feeling EFX have done and are doing. To this end the John Fox Gallop Poll will be published on Thursdays, so as to remove it a fair distance from the knee jerk reactions of the post game environment. Elway will follow on Fridays, and Xanders will run at the end of the week on Saturdays, prior to setting up the gameday rosters.

But I have a second, much more academic reason for wanting to run the polls, and that is to gain insight into a crucial component of the new front office, and only the community of MHR can help me glean this particular info...

You see, I really don't get what this whole three-legged-stool thing is about.

I understand the role of a Head Coach. The jobs and responsibilities of a General Manager are not lost on me. But what the heck is an Executive Vice President of Football Operations? Clearly it is part of the Executive, or business, staff. You will see Elway's name listed alongside Directors of Finance, Communications, Legal Counsel, etc. But the team also states that he holds final say on all football related matters, so he must literally be able to do his job at the field level, alongside GMs and coaches...

Now, I'm not naive, I get what the move to bring Elway aboard was about, and I am as much a fan of the move as any orange blooded human being, but I can't get comfortable with unique front office structure and how they are supposed to work together better than more classical models. So instead of belaboring the issue, I plan on dividing the jobs up among the three of them, reporting the progress in the Gallop Polls for each individual, and letting community debate drive the actual assigning of responsibility, praise and blame (hopefully not too much of the latter). Over time I am hoping that we can really flesh out what each of these men have done to reign this steed onto the proper course.

So here very quickly is a quick and very general breakdown of the kinds of decisions and actions I expect each man to get graded on over the weeks to come by the membership here. None of these ideas are set in stone and as I said above, the goal is to better flesh out these lists.

Head Coach John Fox

  • Gameday coaching decisions, playcalling, gameplanning
  • Personnel decisions for starting/not starting
  • Development of players
  • Scheme development
  • Some specific draft input issues
  • Some specific pro-player procurement issues
  • Locker-room stability

Executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway

  • Overall direction of team
  • How well the Broncos are living up to their "Bronco-ness"
  • Clarity of Broncos goals and plans
  • How well integrated the business and football sides of the team are
  • How well the Broncos are presenting themselves among their peers (i.e, are they salary cap circumventers? Rules whiners? Cheaters?)

General Manager Brian Xanders

  • Rookie selection, both draft and CFA
  • Pro-player procurement
  • Scouting staff including the pro-department
  • Organization of offseason activities and structure
  • Preparedness of team for new CBA
  • Contract related standards and issues

Anything missing from the lists or listed in the wrong place? Particular ideas too narrowly construed, or too vague? Add your thoughts to the comments below and lets start these Gallop Polls off on a good pace!

Look for the John Fox Gallop Poll later today.