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John Fox Galloping Poll: 7/14

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For Fox's initial run on the Gallop Polls we have lot of catching up to do, so we'll get right to it. Since Fox arrived we have seen coaches fired, coaches hired. We have heard about "sophisticated" running games and we have learned that he likes a "gamer" at QB.

But we have also got to see a bit of his personality in interviews, seen him rave about the players Denver drafted, and just generally hang out in a football-less offseason. Lets take a look at some of the particulars:

  • Retained Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy. Denver's 2010 offense was for all intents and purposes run by McDaniels, but McCoy got his shot to run it in the final quarter of the season. The results can only be described as mixed, averaging 4.1 yards per rush, 128 yards rushing and 195 yards passing per game, with only 1 win in 4 games. However, a plus to keeping McCoy is avoiding overhauling the offensive scheme again, with only tweaks to be expected, and if the passing game from 2010 translates to big numbers in transition, keeping McCoy may end up being a big part of that.
  • Hired Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen. Unlike on the offensive side of the ball, Fox opted to go with yet another fire and hire on the Denver defense, removing Martindale and installing Allen. On the one hand, Denver fans have learned the hard way that instability on defense has been public enemy #1 over the last decade of dwindling returns, but on the other hand, a team on the bottom is due to change just about anything it wants too, regardless of what has happened in the past. Allen brings the "scoring defense" mindset to go with Fox's defensive background of consistently solid units that create turnovers, and it appears to be a good match.
  • Brian Shrout recently pointed out that fans heard what they wanted to hear recently when Fox pointed out that he wanted a "gamer" at the QB position, and that he "had a pretty good idea of who he thought was going to earn the job." But until that day finally comes he has listed Orton at the top of the depth chart. For the most important position in football, do you think Fox is taking the right tack?
  • Fox guaranteed the most "sophisticated running game" in the league this season, but do you see the merit of making such a statement given what we are working with? His promise of a top RB in FA goes hand in hand with this idea, but is this the right direction to go? As oxmouth pointed out earlier this week, what would be wrong with a physically imposing, sock-em-in-the-mouth running game?
  • One major component of a Head Coach, the guy doing the thrice weekly pressers, the guy speaking to the media after a tough loss or exhilarating win, is how well you like his attitude and demeanor. Fox comes off to me as a "nice guy" coach, a guy who has been there, done that. In his early interviews he had a sort of clumsy candor that was endearing, and more recently he seems to have taken up quite naturally the stride of speaking for the Broncos. Is he rubbing you the right way?

Anything else you think is relevant to evaluating his overall performance since he has arrived, feel free to add it in the comments below.