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Demaryius Thomas Denies Involvment In Georgia Tech Violations

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In recent major NCAA Football news, Georgia Tech has been the latest team caught for violating the NCAA rules. The Yellow Jackets were on a probationary period after previous violations. Georgia Tech was allegedly caught for having players accepting gifts from boosters. This is one of several gift accepting stories recently including the USC Trojans "losing" their BCS National Title.

This makes Bronco news because of the multiple players that were involved, one was said to be 2010 Denver Broncos first round draft pick Demaryius Thomas. Thomas was said to have accepted a watch and  t-shirt. According to Doug Robertson from the Atlanta Journal when asked about the violations, Thomas denied reports by saying he was offered gifts by people outside of the organization but never accepted anything. Thomas also denied accepting anything to Denver's Josina Anderson saying  "I didn't take anything. I got offered a lot of stuff my last year at Tech, but again I never took anything." Thomas was a large piece of the Georgia Tech team that won the 2009 ACC Title that the team is vacating due to the incident. 

Demaryius Thomas was drafted 22nd overall by the Broncos in the 2010 Draft. He had 22 catches for 283 yards and two touchdowns last season and is currently rehabbing from an Achilles' tendon tear that happened during a workout in the offseason.