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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 7/17/11

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Broncos planning to start training camp July 28 if new CBA is ratified this week - The Denver Post
Whistle twirling is dead. Bring on Camp Fox. Reports point to NFL owners and players signing off Thursday on a new collective bargaining agreement.

Krieger: Xanders gets chance to take stance - The Denver Post
When Pat Bowlens right-hand man dropped in on Brian Xanders at his Dove Valley office one day last December, the Broncos were in disarray.

Tebow is no Elway (on golf course) | All Things Broncos
The second of the three-round American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament was completed today in Lake Tahoe. John Elway, the 51 year-old former franchise quarterback of the Broncos and now the team’s football front-office boss, is in 13th place with 34 points in the Stableford scoring system. (Eagle: 6 points, birdie: 3 points, par, 1 pt; bogey, 0 points; double-bogey, 2 points).

AP source: Judge expected in NY for NFL talks - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
A person familiar with the NFL labor negotiations says talks will continue Monday in New York instead of Minneapolis.

Top 10 signs you are ready for the NFL lockout to end - It's All Over, Fat Man!
Drew Brees says the lockout will be over soon. Since you can always trust a guy from New Orleans to give you a calm and reasonable assessment of any situation, I'd say Brees is on to something. We're about to get NFL football again.

NFL tight end excited to bring camp to Loveland | The Coloradoan
NFL tight end Daniel Graham hasn’t spent much time in Loveland since his high school days when his Thomas Jefferson High School team would occasionally field a game against a Loveland team, but on Saturday, Graham was sure happy to return to the city.