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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 7/2/11


NFL Lockout Meetings Become Marathon With Lengthy Negotiation Sessions - SB Nation Seattle
The NFL lockout meetings reportedly took a step backwards on Thursday after the owners and players disagreed on how to split the revenue. Throughout the collective bargaining agreement negotiations, the NFL and NFLPA have argued over the percentages of revenue each side would take under a new deal, with the owners lobbying for a credit off the top before a split takes place. After the expense seemed to have been a thing of the past, it reared its ugly head again on Thursday.

Retired numbers: Whose jersey, besides Elway's, is worthy? - The Denver Post
Lunch Special: When an athletes jersey is hung in a place of honor, the athlete enters an exclusive club. How exclusive depends on the whos running the show.

Team checklist: Denver Broncos | ProFootballTalk
Mike Shanahan and Josh McDaniels can coach offense, but their player procurement was abysmal overall. That leaves Broncos coach John Fox, G.M. Brian Xanders, and VP John Elway with a lot of work to do. Here's what we think they should do after the lockout. 1. Sign a starting defensive tackle.

NFL labor talks continue after 15-hour session - The Denver Post
The negotiating teams led by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and players association chief DeMaurice Smith are back for more talks after a 15-hour bargaining session that lasted until the early hours of Friday morning.

Former Tokay Tiger Julius Thomas begins transition to NFL - Lodi News-Sentinel:
It’s not just four years of Portland State basketball that Julius Thomas will bring to the Denver Broncos’ tight end position.

2011 Position Preview: RB's

Vote for the greatest Bronco - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
No player transformed the Broncos’ franchise from moribund to greatness more than Elway, whose toothy grin, rocket arm and steely resolve with a game on the line translated into an NFL-record 148 victories, five Super Bowl starts and two titles in 16 seasons. Elway’s legend was born in the 1986 AFC Championship game against the Browns when he led the Broncos 98 yards in just over five minutes to tie the game with less than a minute remaining. Denver won 23-20 in overtime – capping one of Elway’s NFL-record 47 game-winning or game-tying drives in the fourth quarter.

(Tim Lynch NOTE: Any poll with John Elway on this list is completely my humblest of opinions)