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Perrish Cox Sexual Assault Update

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Carlos Illescas of the Denver Post has revealed more details on the crime of a sexual assault on Bronco cornerback Perrish Cox

On October 28th, it was reported that Cox had sexually assaulted a woman on September 9th. The woman reported the assault after she found out she was pregnant. Cox was arrested on December 9th and pleaded not guilty in court in May. He is currently free on bail. When the lockout is over, Cox will probably face some amount of suspension for the incident.

Today more details were reported. The woman who was involved in the assault admitted that she saw two other Broncos with Cox. The woman thinks she was drugged because she only had three or four drinks and she unknowingly had sex with him. The women was then taken to Cox's apartment in which she was sexually assaulted. 

The two other Broncos who were allegedly with Cox were Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas and cornerback Cassius Vaughn. Vaughn was a roommate of Cox. Vaughn was home when assault happened. A friend of the victim was also at the apartment.  Cox was dating the friend of the victim.  The woman recalled Thomas kissing and fondling her before he left the apartment 

Cox who is 24 has been charged with two crimes: Sexual assault on a helpless victim and sexual assault on a victim incapable of appraising her condition. If Cox is convicted of the charges, he will face at least two years in prison and there is a chance he could face a life sentence. 

The trial is set to start on October 18th, the week the Broncos have a bye. The following week they play Miami.

Cox was drafted in round five , 137th overall for the Broncos. He played in 15 games and started 9 with one interception and 54 tackles.



Update: 4:02 Mountain Time: The Broncos released a statement on the incident. 

"The allegations involving Perrish Cox are extremely serious and troubling to our organization. We will continue to monitor the situations very closely."        - via Patrick Smyth