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MHR Poll of the Week for July 17, 2011: What More Do You Want!

Last week really built on the previous week, reaching a new record for votes again, a total of 735, and I'm pretty happy about it. Last weeks question asked which squad was the strongest in 2010, and it wasn't even close. I thought the previous weeks winner, which took 64%, was a landslide, not even close. So lets review last week:

Answer: Votes Percentage
Quarterbacks 37 5%
Running Backs 1 1%
Offensive Lineman 11 1%
Wide Receivers 623 84%
Tight Ends 3 1%
Defensive Lineman 10 1%
Linebackers 11 1%
Defensive Backs 25 3%
Special Teams 6 1%
Coaching 8 1%
Total: 735 100%

It was almost unanimous that wide receiver was the winner of last weeks poll, and it makes sense. Overall, the offense took home just over 90% of the votes, while defense only had one option, defensive backs, that got more than 1% of the votes. Quarterbacks came in a distant second, while almost every option came in even farther behind, heck I rounded tight end and running back up because they had less than 1% of the votes. Once we get closer to the season, I'm excited to ask these questions again, but about the 2011 squads.

Well okay, so with last week behind us, let's move on to this weeks question.

So the lockout is almost over, free agency will come back and trades will start taking place, that's all very exciting. Many of you have talked about how a lot of articles written on Mile High Report are either not focused enough on football, or are too repetitive, so my poll question this week is to help us staffers get a feel for the type of articles you, the members, want to see written once the lockout ends.