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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 7/24/11

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NFL Lockout: Final Steps Before Football Returns -
The NFL's players and owners had a breakthrough this weekend which may lead to the end of the NFL lockout and the return of football. Heading into the weekend, the players had three major steps to take care of: resolve the settlement, recertify as a union and hammer out the final collectively bargained items.

Broncos primer: Defensive help wanted . . . now - The Denver Post
Like a rotten onion, the more layers you peel away from the Broncos defensive mess last season, the worse it gets.

Symphony of Destruction - Perrish Cox, Demaryius Thomas, and Cassius Vaughn - It's All Over, Fat Man!
If the NFL was a game of Monopoly, yesterday Perrish Cox pulled the Go To Jail card. Do not pass Dove Valley. Do not collect $405,000.

NFL lockout drama is owners' onerous mess - ESPN New York
For those of you scoring the final hours of the NFL lockout at home and struggling to separate good from evil, protagonist from antagonist, please remember this labor dispute is like any other fight.

Is Perrish Cox finished with Broncos after sex assault charges? | All Things Broncos
It’s difficult to believe the image-conscious Broncos will go much further with cornerback Perrish Cox on their roster.

Broncos Mailbag: Problems at running back some years in the making - The Denver Post
Looks like Marion Barber will ultimately be released. Wouldn't he be a great complement back to Knowshon Moreno? I think Dallas just tried to get too much out of him. Could be a good goal-line back again. 

And now...for a Kyle Orton news fest!!!!  I did not read these articles, but I believe most of them are positive.  I tried to be bias towards good Orton press. Go Orton! 

Broncos' Kyle Orton could be free-agency insurance policy for another team - The Denver Post
Todays question comes from Frederick: With all the talk about (Tim) Tebow and (Kyle) Orton, do you have any thoughts on what the market for Orton will be once free agency opens?

Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton And The Possible Quarterback Predicament In Denver - SB Nation Kansas City
If Orton is being shopped, Tebow has won over more than just Josh McDaniels in his short pro career.

Miami Dolphins & Kyle Orton " Phin Phanatic | A Miami Dolphins blog
The Miami Dolphins need a quarterback with starting experience to compete and challenge Chad Henne. They also need Chad Henne to become a star. With names like Vince Young, who would come with mental baggage, Donovan McNabb who would come with dedication issues, and Carson Palmer who would bring his age, the Miami Dolphins may not have a solid solution in front of them. Unless of course you look towards Kyle Orton in the Mile High City.

Miami Dolphins In Depth
Quarterback No. 1 threw 20 touchdown passes and nine interceptions last year, culminating two seasons in which he threw 41 touchdowns and 21 interceptions while collecting 7,455 passing yards.

Seattle Should Pull the Trigger on Sending a 3rd Rounder for Kyle Orton " NFL Gridiron Gab
Everyone is talking about Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals, and potentially, the Seahawks. I really don’t want to be the team that lavishes an unknown product with a so-far up and down tenure in the NFL.

Kyle Orton Sells His Denver Home; Is He Arizona Bound? | Football News Now
Free agency and trade speculation is soooo much fun because each and every day there are new twists and turns to it all, and now the latest regarding Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton has him side-by-side with Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer.

QB Battles: Why Kyle Orton Should Start in Denver, not Tim Tebow " Titan Sized
This is non-Titans article but it’s something that’s been bothering me. Most media outlets have been reporting the supposed quarterback battle in Denver and it normally starts with an attention grabbing headline that starts with something like "Tim Tebow may win starting job" or "Tim Tebow’s battle to become starter" and sometimes you get something like "Kyle Orton still capable starter, but Tim Tebow likely candidate". You’ll notice that I sarcastically placed Tebow’s name in this title as well, but this post is neither pro or anti-Tebow. This is about Orton.