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Broncos Football Returns - Oh Happy Day

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Adam Schefter is reporting that the impasse between the NFL owners and the NFLPA* is a done deal and a mere formality, that is, the players ratification is all that remains. They are not "Crying Wolf" this time either. What makes this time different is the Owners have approved the Players proposal.

* Hat tip to BroncoRick for putting up an early fanshot.

Also, sources from both sides are saying an agreement has been reached on the remaining points. The deal will be for 10 years with no opt out clause for the players.

Even though a Player vote remains to seal the deal, it is expected to be approved. The NFLPA will vote on the matter on Monday in Washington D.C.

If all things go as expected, Monday will see a press conference announcing the ratification of a new CBA. Then on Wednesday, some of the players will filter in to Team facilities, vote to recertify as a Union and accept the recommendations of the NFLPA* executive committee.

When enough votes are tallied (read when it looks like it will pass), all teams will be able to hold contract talks with their own Free Agents and draft picks.

If When that happens, the rest of the players will report on Friday, vote on recertification (50%+1 vote) and acceptance of the CBA, the players will recertify as a Union.

Saturday: Free Agency blows wide open and players may officially be signed.

Another point to show that this will happen (per the above link)

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith knows his executive committee, his players reps and the rest of his

constituents well enough to know how they will vote.

Plus, no collective bargaining agreement has ever been turned down by the players when approved by leadership.

Once the deal is set, Training Camp will begin, along with Free Agency. Oh Happy Day indeed!

Go Broncos!