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Deal Reached, Wild Week Awaits

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If you picked Monday July 25th at 3:52 AM EST in your office's "When will the Lockout End?" pool, congratulations!

According to Jay Glazer, the NFL and NFLPA finalized the language of a new CBA and the process for the NFLPA's recertification in the wee hours of Monday morning. Other sources are reporting that the the language is not 100%, but all agree that the NFLPA's 10-man Executive Committee will vote to recommend a new CBA sometime after their meeting at Noon EST Today.

In a series of tweets, Adam Schefter laid out the schedule for what may be the most frenzied week of NFL transactions in recent memory. If the NFLPA does vote to recommend the terms of the new CBA, NFL teams would be allowed to sign their own free agents to conditional contracts, begin contract negotiations with Undrafted Free Agents, and begin making trades this afternoon. Teams would be allowed to sign UFA to conditional contracts starting at Noon EST tomorrow. Trades will not become official until Saturday. Teams can also begin discussion with Free Agents today, but they won't be allowed to sign until Friday at 6 PM EST.

According to Mike Klis, the Denver Broncos are expected to report to team facilities on Wenesday for physicals and team meetings. The first practice session of the John Fox era is scheduled for Thursday morning at 8:50 AM MST.

This week will be a big test for Elway, Xanders, and Fox. The team must begin to implement Fox's style of football on the practice field, while the executives upstairs will be reshaping the roster to create more salary cap room, sign new players, and field calls on player trades.