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NFL Lockout Timeline: The Latest On How The NFL Will Open It's Doors

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While we wait for the NFL Players to get together and accept the new 10-year Collective Bargaining Agreement we might as well look at just how the NFL will open it's doors over the next couple of days.  There have been several versions of the timeline, but the latest comes from Jason LaConfora.  While his player evaluation skills leave a little to be desired at times, he does work for NFL Network and so you assume he has a bit of inside information.  Here is what he just said about the agreed-to timeline:

  • NFLN and has learned under agreed to timeline, trades and rookie signings start Tuesday, team facilities open Wednesday.
  • Unrestricted free agents free to negotiate with any team starting Tuesday - cannot sign with teams officially til Friday. Camps would open over weekend.
  • Told there are some wrinkles that may surprise people as well. NFLPA executives still arriving in Washington DC, a vote is expected this afternoon.
  • All of this is pending Recertification of NFLPA as well, but this is the plan for the week for now.

It seems to be a solid look at what everyone has said so far in some way, shape or form and includes the obligatory 'just in case' statement that 'This is all pending'. 

That's the latest!  Keep it here all day for news as it breaks.