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It's Unanimous! NFL Lockout OVER!

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With two simple words, NFL Players Association spokesman George Atallah signaled the END of the 2011 NFL Lockout:

Small on verbiage, long on meaning, Atallah's tweet meant that the 32 NFL Team player representatives, including Brian Dawkins of the Broncos, voted to approve the new CBA Agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA, ending the longest work stoppage in NFL history.

Word is the Denver Broncos will being Training Camp 2011 on Wednesday, though it seems the first day will be reserved for meetings and the next two days non-contact practices. As for free agency and trades? Teams will be allowed to discuss moves and signings starting Tuesday, though nothing can go down until Free Agency starts on Friday at 6:00pm et.

For now, however, let's celebrate the end of the NFL Lockout and the beginning of a new season of Denver Broncos football! ALL READY!