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REPORT: Denver Broncos Ready To Sign RB Mario Fannin, Auburn

Denver has been doing great work over the past three years bringing in an excellent range of college free agents, and so far, 2011 appears to be no exception to this trend.

The reported addition of RB Mario Fannin out of Auburn looks to have the early lead as the gem of the current crop.  I had him rated as a 4th or 5th round talent, and he definitely looks the part.

At 5'10" 231lbs, with a 4.37 40-yd, this guy is big and fast, and was the all-time leader in receptions (97) and receiving yards (985) by a running back at Auburn.  He has excellent vision and is a true north-south runner, who knows how to hop behind a blocker in the hole and find daylight.  He also has an exceptionally strong lower body and runs hard, with good effort.  Ran as a power runner in a run oriented spread offense, and can get the corner by both option and power sweep, so he has good backfield versatility.  After an excellent junior campaign he became a role player his senior year as the team used Cam Newton and freshman sensation RB Michael Dyer to help balance the offensive workload.

Overall he is a great athlete, and a selfless team player, willing to work on special teams, where he has experience in several roles including kick returning.  Put him behind a FB in an I-formation zoneblock, and watch him find a way downhill.  2010 stats:  395yds, 6.5 YPC, 5TDs, 17rec, 173yds, 2 TDs.