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Four Bronco Rookies Decide On Jersey Numbers

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It's that time of year where people start buying their new jerseys because everyone is optimistic that their new rookies are going to be superstars. The Broncos PR Staff anounced that Von Miller will be wearing number 58. Miller chose this number to honor pass rush great Derrick Thomas.

Thomas was a Chiefs linebacker who was drafted fourth overall in 1990 and has the single game record for sacks with 7. Thomas passed away after a blood clot he received in a car accident a few weeks before. Thomas was one of the all time great pass rushers of all time. He finished his career with 126.5 sacks and nine pro bowl appearances. According to our by the numbers series, the top player to ever wear #58 for the Broncos was Elijah Alexander. Lets hope that Miller becomes the new greatest.

Broncos second round pick Rahim Moore, safety from UCLA chose to wear number 26. Moore wore number 3 in college. In our By the Numbers Series, Clinton Portis was the greatest Bronco to ever wear #26.

Virgil Green declared he is going to wear #86. He was drafted in the seventh round by the Broncos. Green wore #85 in college. In our By the Numbers Series, the greatest to wear #86 was another tight end, Byron Chamberlain. 

Julius Thomas has chosen the number 80. Thomas was drafted in the fourth round out of Portland state. He wore #81 in college. The greatest to wear number 80 for the Broncos was clearly Rod Smith. Smith is a good role model for any of our undrafted players that you can have success without being drafted high.