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Oddsmakers See Tough Season For Denver Broncos In 2011

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Las Vegas odds makers seem to have about as much faith in the Denver Broncos as fans have faith in a Peyton Hillis return.

The MGM Mirage has put the Broncos odds in 2011 at 6-10 (the worst in the AFC West) and tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars for second worst in the AFC behind only the Buffalo Bills, who are predicted to finish at 5-11. In the NFC the Carolina Panthers (4-12) and the Arizona Cardinals (6-10) would round out the rest of the top five in first round draft order (isn't that a nice way to put it).

There are two x-factors which could still effect these odds: Kevin Kolb and Kyle Orton. Odds makers feel that a trade of either of these players would positively effect the standing of the team that ends up with either quarterback.

Wow, how about that? I wonder if Denver can use that to drive up the asking price for Orton. Just for those that are curious, the Miami Dolphins are expected to win 8 games. With or without Orton.