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DeAngelo Williams Re-Signs With Carolina Panthers

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Unrestricted free agent DeAngelo WIlliams has agreed to terms with the Carolina Panthers. Williams has played his whole career with the Panthers. Williams agreed to  5 year,  43 million 21 guaranteed.

The Broncos had a great interest in Williams. John Fox was the Panthers head coach last season, and coveted a two back attack with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Fox was hoping to bring Williams to Denver with him to combine with Knowshon Moreno for a one-two punch. 

Williams had said over the past few days that if he could he wanted to stay in Carolina. The only way that Denver could have got him is to way overpay, something that is risky on a 28 year old running back. The Broncos still hope to find another running back as the Broncos informed Correll Buckhalter of his release.