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Broncos 2011 Training Camp-Kaptain's Log-Day One P.M. Walkthrough

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All Photos in this post by Kaptain Kirk 7/28/11

After posting this morning's Kaptain's Log, I have just enough time to grab a quick bite and weave through rush hour traffic back to the Broncos Training Complex. I have the feeling that I will be late, but as I approach the field area I see that the "Eye in the Sky" scissor-lifts are just starting to elevate to their observation level and none of the players have come out on the field. So I find my spot between the 40's and settle in. I figure this practice won't be overlong since there are no lights to illuminate the fields. The players aren't wearing pads or helmets for this practice per the new CBA restrictions. Von Miller (58) makes his debut, as well as Quinton Carter (28). I see Demaryius Thomas in sweats and wearing his jersey. He has a noticeable limp and is walking kind of gingerly. HORN.                                                                                              

The players split off into two groups, on either end of the near field in front of me to run 11 on 11 drills. They are working at half speed (more of a run through than a walk through). Brian Dawkins is out watching in sweats behind Defensive Backs coach Ron Milus. Tim Tebow and Adam Weber run drills to my right and Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn are with the group on my left. I notice Renaldo Hill is practicing. I didn't see him this morning. This practice is anticlimactic compared to this morning's session. I notice that Quinton Carter has longer dreadlocks than Syd'Quan Thompson. It's nice to see Carter and Von Miller on the field. The play selection this evening tilts further towards the passing than running. Richard Quinn and Von Miller are matched up against each other and Vin makes Rich work for every inch even though the pass didn't come their way. I take some more pictures which you will see below and notice that Braxton Kelly is running with a hitch in his step, similar to the one Justin Fargas had last year. HORN. That session lasted about an hour. 

The Special Teams Punt protection begins and the rest of the team watches from the sideline. Eddie Royal and Demaryius Thomas play a little catch. Demaryius will not jump or lunge for any passes yet which is understandable. Adam Weber and Tim Tebow play a spirited game of "pepper," firing the ball back and forth. The ST's unit is running 7 on 7's and I see Lonie Paxton, Spencer Larsen, Quinton Carter, Mike Mohamed, Joe Mays, Richard Quinn and David BrutonHORN. End of practice.

The Defensive Backs are signing autographs this time and I am torn between Champ and Dawkins and wanting both. I choose Dawkins because he is closer to me and I can beat the crowd. After that I get Quinton Carter, Darcel McBath and David Bruton to sign a ball cap, passing up the horde bearing down on Champ Bailey. I pass on other players that I can't identify as I already have a couple of ball caps with cut players autographs (Everette Pedescleaux, Blake Schlueter).

Anyway, since this is a short synopsis, I decided to bombard you with my amateur photography efforts.

It's been a long day. I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Oh Yeah, Go Broncos!

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