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Mile High Report Poll of the Week for July 3, 2011

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Last week we saw one of the most lopsided polls I've seen yet on MHR. We voted on what the biggest free agency need was, and it wasn't even close, with defensive tackle taking 92% of the votes, the next closest option, the running back position, only got 6% of the votes, 20 out of 346 votes. So it's obvious who the fans want the Broncos front office focusing on when free agency begins when a new CBA is signed. So here is the data from last week:

Answer: Votes Percentage
Defensive Tackle 320 92%
Linebacker 1 1%
Offensive Lineman 5 1%
Running Back 20 6%
Other 0 0%
Total: 346 100%

With another great response from last week, among our best responses yet, I'm excited to keep this going. At this point, I've got quite the list of questions compiled, so hopefully these keep you entertained. Let's get to this weeks poll of the week.

So often coaching is what takes a team over the edge. Great coaches can find and develop talent (Andy Reid), they can out plan the opposing coach (Bill Belichick), they can motivate a team to greatness (Rex Ryan). This weeks question will ask who is the best coach in the NFL now. Now it's important to keep a few things in mind, I don't like some coaches on this list, take Bill Belichick, I don't like him, but if I have a team, and I want a coach, he's going to be high on my list because I think he's one of the better coaches in the league. So think of this, if you could hire a coach for your new team, who would it be? Now I didn't include every coach, if you felt I left the one you were thinking of off, answer "other" and put who you think it should be in the comments.