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Report: Willis McGahee Isn't a Denver Bronco

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Bronco source still insists there's no deal for McGahee. Details on CBS4 News in about 6 minutes.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

There seems to be some confusion regarding the whole "Willis McGahee is a Bronco" story. Yesterday (before 4 pm MST), reports surfaced from Pro Football Talk and Adam Schefter that he would sign a 3 year, $7.5 million dollar deal with the Denver Broncos.

Ever since that time, however, reports from the likes of Gary Miller and Jason La Canfora have squelched the idea that Willis McGahee is joining Knowshon Moreno in the Bronco backfield.

So, what's the deal... or is there one?

There's some confusion on the McGahee front. Checked with more sources and told no deal with DEN. Team likely to workout RBs this weekend...less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

Color me confused.

This all made sense yesterday, when our very own John Bena said the following:

Why the confusion? Simple, the Broncos can't talk to Willis McGahee until the official personnel list is released by the NFL at around 4PM et this afternoon. PFT has the details.

It is over 15 hours past the official personnel list was released, so if preliminary talks were already happening, you'd think that they'd be finished by now. Vince Young is already an Eagle and Roy Williams is already a Bear, so why is Willis McGahee not a Bronco?

Is this a case of premature reporting? We all know that Willis McGahee and his agent indicated that they want to come to denver, but is there any evidence of reciprocating interest from the Broncos, as well? Perhaps the Broncos and McGahee are, indeed, negotiating a contract, but haven't come to an agreement? Maybe everything is agreed upon, but the papers haven't gone through the league office?

Whatever the case may be, keep it locked on MileHighReport for all the late-breaking news. We'll sort this mess out when more information surfaces.

Go Broncos!!!