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Brian Dawkins and Denver Broncos Restructure a Contract


With all the hustle and bustle of free agency and the Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn quarterback controversy, Brian Dawkins was overlooked. According to the Denver Post's blog, Brian Dawkins' deal was restructured and finalized on Friday July 29th and he will be eligible to practice on August 4th.

What strikes me about this "news" is that it shouldn't have fallen through the cracks like it did. We're talking about the heart of the Denver Broncos defense. I just spent 10 minutes on Youtube watching some of Dawkins' pregame speeches and let me tell you... I'm ready to strap on a helmet and go injure myself on an NFL football field.

Brian Dawkins (Weapon X) is an incredible figure, as a warrior on the football field and as an inspirational male role-model off the field. Despite the concerns about his age and ability to stay healthy, it's impossible to quantify the amount of emotional presence that he brings to this football team. By taking this pay reduction (not sure the details of the deal, as of yet), he essentially told Broncos fans that he loves this game, this city, and this team more than he loves money.

That's rare in the NFL... but Brian Dawkins is a rare individual. Welcome back, Weapon X!