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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 7/5/11

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NFL Lockout: Retired NFL Players File Antitrust Complaint -
As of late Monday afternoon, a new hand has stepped into the already tenuous NFL labor negotiations. According to reports, a collection of NFL retirees has filed an isolated complaint against both the current players and the owners, claiming that their interests and representatives are being excluded from the table by both sides. The abrupt insertion of this third party may further dissolve the already shaky nature of the league talks.

NFL lockout: Critical stage of talks to resume on Tuesday - ESPN
Independence Day marked the 111th day of the NFL lockout. On Tuesday, the NFL's owners and players are scheduled to resume negotiations in New York as the sides try to come to an agreement to end the longest work stoppage in league history.

NFL Lockout News: This Week's Schedule And Lawyers - Revenge of the Birds
The labor negotiations are set to continue on Tuesday and talks are scheduled to all through the rest of the week, as we languish amidst the almost four month long NFL lockout. While my personal prediction was foiled in having a new CBA, there is still a chance that ESPN's Adam Schefter could be right on in saying that he would guess July 8 as the day.