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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 7/7/11

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Surprisingly, lots of news today!

NFL Lockout: Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith Return To Table -
Lawyers for the NFL and NFLPA have been meeting in New York for labor negotiations on Tuesday and Wednesday but it's now time for the real power players to re-enter the room. On Thursday and Friday, the NFL lockout talks will again include NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, as well as five owners, and NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith, as well as five players.

Broncos' Player-Led Camp Merges With Others, Waits For Resolution On NFL Lockout - SB Nation Denver
If the NFL Lockout ends soon enough, training camps may be able to start on time and preseason games won't need to be canceled. But that's if a new collective bargaining agreement is in place within a week or so. If not, teams and players will begin to feel the real impact of a lockout.

Kyle Orton: 'I don't see us missing any time' | The Des Moines Register
"I’m guessing there probably will be something done within the next 10 days," said former Southeast Polk quarterback Kyle Orton, who last season hurled passes for the Denver Broncos. "There will be a season. I’m optimistic of that."

Broncos’ "worst moments" have a tie at the top of the list | ProFootballTalk
The Denver Broncos won a pair of Super Bowls since the last work stoppage.  But they've paid for that privilege with plenty of pain. The Broncos have had more than their fair share of "worst moments," and we picked out the best (worst) on Wednesday's edition of PFT Live. 

Q&A: Look for John Elway to eventually have at least partial ownership of the Broncos - The Denver Post
Since returning to the Broncos as their executive vice president of football operations, John Elway hasnt said that he hopes to become part of the teams ownership.

AFC West mailbag - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Craig K. from Osan Air Base, South Korea wants to know what Elvis Dumervil's greatest challenges will be in 2011 as he comes back from a torn pectoral muscle that kept him out all of last season.

NFL Preview: Denver Broncos — Sports Interaction Blog
Is it that time already? Al Dannity is back for another summer profiling every team in the National Football League. Our NFL previews kick off in the AFC West with the Denver Broncos.

Labor agreement will be a rush job - The Denver Post
NFL owners and players likely will find themselves shifting to hurry-up mode as time gets tight to reach labor peace.

Life As NFL Long Snapper Not For Everyone | Predominantly Orange
On the list of the most underrated jobs in football, there sits a player who no one notices until a mistake is made in his area of expertise. Games are all too often decided on his touch, but credit for winning a game is never placed upon his shoulders. news: Hefty contracts could cost these disappointing performers
When Dawkins signed a five-year deal with Denver in 2009, it really was a two-year pact, which makes sense at this stage of his Hall of Fame-caliber career. The contract was backloaded with big salaries he never really would achieve. Dawkins loves being with the Broncos, and they love him. They will explore how to make this work after the lockout because it doesn't make sense to be paying Ed Reed money at this stage of Dawkins' career.

Potential NFL free agents wait to learn how free they will be -
As NFL players, owners and their ever-present lawyers persist in attempts to strike a new collective bargaining agreement, the league's potential free agents are left to wonder about the fine print the new pact might contain and how it could affect them.


John Mackey, a Hall of Fame tight end and former president of the NFL Players Association who struggled with dementia after his playing career, has died. He was 69.
An NFL labor agreement ratified in 2006 includes the so-called “88 Plan,” named for Mackey’s number, 88. It provides up to $88,000 a year for nursing care or day care for ex-players with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or $50,000 for home care.