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Denver Broncos News - Horse Tracks - 7/8/11

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Kyle Orton Vs. Tim Tebow: Battle Of Denver Broncos Quarterbacks - SB Nation Denver
Which quarterback will be the Denver Broncos' quarterback in 2011? Tim Tebow may have the upper hand over Kyle Orton after recent comments by head coach John Fox.

Q&A: Broncos are prepared for a flurry of free-agent activity - The Denver Post
As the league and the players continue to negotiate toward a new collective bargaining agreement, one of the key components as the season approaches is free agency.

Delhomme To Drive Denver’s Young QB? " Predominantly Orange
The position that sits in the spotlight for the Denver Broncos is none other than at quarterback. Head coach John Fox has maintained that there will be a fair competition between Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton for the starting job.

Sharpe loses grandmother - The Denver Post
Mary Porter was raising nine of her own children in a tiny home in the country outside Glennville, Ga., when she learned her daughter in Chicago needed help.

Owners, NFLPA meet in N.Y., push for end to lockout - The Denver Post
Members of the NFL Players Association executive board and team owners met for hours Thursday at a law firm in Manhattan, hoping another push could finally resolve the labor lockout that began in March.

Paige: Broncos coach John Fox wants "gamer" as his quarterback - The Denver Post
John Fox maintained Thursday afternoon that the Broncos will have a "wide-open competition" at quarterback, but admitted, for the first time publicly, that "deep down, I have an idea" who will be No. 1 when the season starts.

Player, union chief set high standards - The Denver Post
John Mackey revolutionized the tight end position, his incomparable ability to catch passes off the line of scrimmage helping to usher the NFL into the pass-happy modern era.

Colts Hall of Famer John Mackey dies at age 69 - The Denver Post
BALTIMORE — John Mackey, a Hall of Fame tight end and former president of the NFL Players Association who struggled with dementia after his playing career, has died. He was 69.