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REPORT: Medical Concerns About Bunkley Nullified Browns Deal

While the initial word had been that the proposed deal between the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles for DT Brodrick Bunkley collapsed due to Bunkley's disinterest in joining the team, a report out of Cleveland Monday night lays the blame at some concerns the Browns had when Bunkley reported to the team for his physical.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Bunkley did report to Cleveland over the weekend for a physical with the Browns.  It was then that concerns were raised and the deal was nullified.  The Eagles then sent Bunkley to the Broncos for a conditional draft pick in 2013.

This really doesn't change me opinion of the deal - a conditional pick in 2 years is a small price to pay if Bunkley can help the team in 2011 - but it does shine light on the fact that Bunkley may not be 100% healthy, which would impact his ability to make a difference this season.

For their part, the Browns are not saying anything since their policy is to NOT announce a trade until after the physical - to them the deal never really happened officially.  Whatever the story is, Bunkley is now the property of the Denver Broncos.