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Open Thread: Broncos vs. Cowboys Pregame



LB Derek Domino
LB Nate Irving
DT Louis Leonard
TE Richard Quinn
WR Demaryius Thomas
CB Syd'Quan Thompson
LB D.J. Williams


It's almost time. For out-of-towners such as myself, tonight will be our first chance to see the 2011 Denver Broncos. As much as guys on this site have kept us in the loop with their training camp coverage, it's going to be nice to see it with our own eyes.

The starters are expected to play 12 to 15 snaps, so expect to see a lot of guys battling it out for their spot on the depth chart. After hearing about some of the woes of our second string offensive line, I want to see if they are able to keepTim Tebow and Brady Quinn on their feet against the Cowboys. You never know how good you are when you're playing against your teammates. Real games against real opponents, however, is how we will best be able to evaluate the 2011 Denver Broncos.

That's why I enjoy preseason games so much. They are a measuring stick that can give us a glimpse (albeit short) into the regular season. They may not be playing for the win, but the Broncos are definitely playing for pride. After an embarrassing 4 win season, these guys are looking to make a statement.

And people said that preseason was meaningless... nonsense.