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FINAL: Dallas Cowboys 24 - Denver Broncos 23

How much fun was that?  A lot of fun if you ask me.  Of course, losing SUCKS, even in the Pre-Season, but seeing the Orange and Blue on the field again was well worth the wait.

There is plenty to say about this game, and I'm sure you all will find something to talk about.  Here are the final stats from the game:


Category Broncos Cowboys
Score 23 24
Rushing Yards
30 car. 119 yards (4.0 ypc) 25 car. 103 yards (4.1 ypc)
Passing Yards
238 242
Total Yards 357 345
3rd Down Conversions 5/12 3/12
T.O.P 29:58 30:02
0 1

There's a couple of ways you can look at the quarterbacks.  While it is true they were going against, and playing with, different personnel, all we can do is judge their performance on the field:

KYLE ORTON - 2/6, 37 yards -- 55.6 RAT. 

Orton had just one possession, leading the Broncos on a 13 play, 74 yard drive that ended in a Field Goal.  The Broncos had a First and Goal from the 1 and chose to pass - interesting - and followed it up with a penalty and two more incompletions.

POINTS PER POSSESSION - Orton led the Broncos to  3 points on 1 possession(3.0 PPD)

TIM TEBOW - 6/7, 91 yards -- 118.8 RAT.

Tebow led the team for most of the first half.  He had the nicest pass of the game, a 43-yard beauty to Matthew Willis.  The Broncos also had a chance deep in Cowboys territory after a Perrish Cox interception, but a Tebow QB sneak for a Touchdown was called back on a holding penalty.  Tebow also threw an interception which was also called back on a Pass Interference call.

POINTS PER POSSESSION - Tebow led the Broncos to 6 points in 4 possessions.(1.5 PPD)

BRADY QUINN - 8/14, 120 yards, 1TD -- 109.2 RAT.

It was obvious the Broncos wanted to take a good look at Brady Quinn.  Quinn didn't disappoint and seemed to get more and more comfortable as the game went on.  After going 3-and-out on his first two possessions, Quinn led the Broncos to two Touchdown drives in the 4th quarter.  A 2-play, 39 yard drive and a 14-play, 79 yard drive that ended with a TD pass from Quinn to Eron Riley.

POINTS PER POSSESSION - Quinn led the Broncos to 14 points in 4 possessions*(3.5 PPD)

*The Broncos did get the ball back with 15 seconds to go.  That possession is not counted.

That's just the quarterbacks.  There will be much more on the game as I rewatch it, looking for specific players.  A couple general observations:

  • The Broncos were penalized 10 times for 85 yards.  It cost the team a touchdown.  Obviously, sloppy play is a side-affect of the Lockout, but the Broncos need to clean it up.
  • I like Jeremiah Johnson(4 carries, 28 yards) a lot.  He was one of my three Camp surprises after returning last week and has a real chance to make it hard for the Broncos to cut him. 
  • David Anderson(3 rec. 38 yards) just knows how to get open.  Not a surprise there, but it will be nice if Anderson could fit a Brandon Stokley-role on the team.
  • The Broncos collected 3 sacks(2 for Jason Hunter) while allowing just one.
  • The Broncos won the turnover battle 1-0.
  • Linebacker Braxton Kelley led the Broncos with 7 tackles.
  • Nate Jones had 6 tackles, but had a tough night overall.  The Broncos have youth in the secondary, and Jones might struggle to find a spot on the 53-man roster.

For those of you that watched the game, what were your thoughts?