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Denver Broncos 2011 Training Camp Pictorial-Week 2

All photos by Kaptain Kirk 8/12/11

The second week of Broncos Training Camp went on similar to the previous one. In all but one practice, the team was in Full Pads and they got some good work in. Since the team has the day off, I thought I would give you a visual of this week in Camp. What follows is a glimpse of what I experienced in roughly 30 pictures. Enjoy!

The Quarterbacks are working with the Running Backs during this position drill. At this point early in the practice session, the players are still in warm up mode. The QB's are listening to what Coach Eric Studdesville (big guy in the middle in the orange T shirt) is saying to the group.

As you can see, two QB's and 2 sets of RB's are working simultaneously. That equates to more reps. On the far field, ST's Asst. Coach Keith Burns works with another group of players.

Forgive me if I went a little overboard with the QB's. They were working directly in front of me, making them an easy target for my camera. I did try to give everyone face time though.

This is a picture of the Wide Receivers during one of their position drills.

Here are D'Andre Goodwin (17), Britt Davis (17) and Eron Riley (13) waiting in line to run pass route drills.

Moments later, Eric Decker (87) and Eddie Royal (with his jersey tucked underneath his shoulder pads) join them.

WR's coach Tyke Tolbert watches Matthew Willis run a pass route.

Wide Receiver vs. Cornerback 1 on 1 drills. It looks like Mark Dell (83) is up against Perrish Cox (32) with Tim Tebow at QB.

The Special Teams Punt Unit practicing their protection and blocking schemes under the guidance of ST Coordinator Jeff Rodgers (big guy wearing white in the backfield).

The Punt coverage unit gets reps and tries to maintain their lane gap responsibilities.

Part of Tuesday's scrimmage. The Offensive players are wearing Blue jerseys and the Defense is in White.

Since I couldn't see much around this wall of bodies, I decided to take pictures.

The 2nd team Offense takes a breather.

I don't remember which practice this picture was taken in and it might have already been posted. If so, here is the replay.

The 1st team Offense in the huddle.

A shot of the 1st team Defense during 11 on 11's.

Tight End Daniel Fells (86) goes in motion during a 2 back set.

2nd team Offense vs. 2nd team Defense 11 on 11 action.

A better shot than the last one of the same action.

Running Back individual position drills. The player on the right side is about to carry the ball in an "S" pattern around the short hurdles.

On the far field from where I sit, the Defense does most of their work. Here you see the Defensive Linemen gathered along with the trash barrels and Tackling Dummies they are about to victimize.

The Quarterbacks are working with the Wide Receivers in this early practice drill. On the left is the Segment clock that keeps track of when the HORN will go off.

Running Backs LenDale White (25), Brandon Minor (36) and Jeremiah Johnson (37) watch their teammates.

The 2nd team O-Line in between reps.

Chris Kuper (73), Demaryius Thomas, Eddie Royal (both in shorts) and Davis Anderson (89) watch 1 on 1 WR vs. CB drills.

Spencer Larsen (46), C.J. Gable (29) and LenDale White (25) look on as Willis McGahee talks to Eric Studdesville.

Wednesday's practice session where the RB's, TE's and WR's get on the same page with the QB's.

A second shot that has Kyle Orton reading a play to the skill players.

Wednesday's Kickoff Return unit huddle.

Ready break!

There's your look at Week 2 in Dove Valley during the Denver Broncos 2011 Training Camp. The next practice is tomorrow morning. See you there.

Go Broncos!