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Broncos 2011 Training Camp-Kaptain's Log-Day 17

Photos by Kaptain Kirk 8/18/11

The final day at Dove Valley for the 2011 Denver Broncos Training Camp is here. Alas, but all good things must end. The bittersweet part of this, is even though Camp will end, regular season football will begin. It is a cool morning so far, but the high clouds will soon give way to a hot sunny day. I'm sitting at the 47 yard line again and I see Tim Tebow emerges from the confines of the locker room wearing shells and shorts. I must say that I am a little disappointed they aren't in Full Pads, but with injuries starting to gain momentum, maybe a light day is the better choice. It has been a relatively injury free Camp, one that the Broncos were long overdue for. The JUG's machine sits at the 30 yard line and it's operator is having trouble starting the generator again. HORN.

A Special Teams segment begins practice. Today the work is being done with the Kick Return Unit. Cassius Vaughn, Eric Decker, Perrish Cox, David Anderson and Brandon Bing are returning Kickoffs. There is a five man front, including an up back to block for the returner and a six player scout team holding blocking pads for them to work against. Coach Rodgers has different return plays on their agenda to run their blocking schemes on. HORN.

The ball is placed at the 29 yard line (to my right) for the Offense to go through 7 on 7 running drills. The 7 scout players are made up from other players on the Offense. Offensive Line coach Dave Magazu and Running Backs coach Eric Studdesville are overseeing this drill. They add their comments and critiques until they are satisfied with the results. I see that Ryan Clady and Orlando Franklin are in on the drill and don't seem to be suffering from their collision yesterday. Meanwhile, a little ways away from this action, Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy and Wide Receivers coach Tyke Tolbert have Adam Weber running scripted pass plays with the Wide Receivers. McCoy calls the play and the Receivers must line up properly, go in motion if that is what the play calls for, then run the proper route. These drills are being scrutinized heavily also. I hear Coach McCoy saying, "get it right." HORN. 

The ball is on the 30 yard line to my left this time. The Defense joins the Offense for  an 11 on 11 walk through session with the 1st units. Brian Dawkins (ankle) is sitting this practice out and Kyle McCarthy will get the 1st team reps in his place. Brandon Lloyd (knee) also has the day off. Knowshon Moreno gets a couple of carries and then the Nickel package is called on the field. Broderick Bunkley and Joe Mays go out and Wesley Woodyard and Cassius Vaughn rotate in. The Offense concentrates on the run during this segment, using Knowshon and Willis McGahee. HORN.

Rich Tuten's stretch and flex segment begins and the tunes today are "Look At Me Now" by Chris Brown, "Rosa Parks" from Outkast and U2's "Sunday, Bloody Sunday."  Knowshon Moreno starts bustin' a move during the Chris Brown tune. I see our new Defensive Tackle DeMario Pressley wearing # 76. He looks like a wide body. This is the only time I actually notice him today. HORN.

The Offense goes through a play and trots 20 yards down the field. All three units do 3 reps. The Defense is running an interception return drill where the players turn into blockers and they attempt a "pick six." HORN.

The players split up into their Individual position groups. The Quarterbacks work on short passes with the Tight Ends. Coach Tolbert harasses the Wide Receivers as they get off the line of scrimmage and start their routes. The Running Backs are running ladder drills. HORN.

The Offensive Linemen drill on pulling run block's. The Defensive Backs are going through their backpedal drill. Now the Running Backs carry the ball through a slalom drill around the hurdles and the Quarterbacks join the Wide Receivers, doubling up on passing drills. The coaching staff is stressing uptempo this practice. The Wide Receivers run one pattern and then the Quarterbacks switch directions and the Receivers run a new route. The Offensive Line works 5 on 5 with each other. Eric Studdesville passes to the Running Backs and takes them through their pass route repertoire. HORN.

Another set of 11 on 11's, The ball sits at the 45 yard line to my left. The first few plays feature Knowshon Moreno, including some "Wild Horse" action. Kyle Orton completes passes to Moreno and Matthew Willis. I hear a coach asking for uptempo. Tim Tebow gives the ball to Moreno on an inside hand-off that is stuffed in the backfield. The Tebow runs left. After another inside hand-off to Knowshon, Willis McGahee runs over the left side. Brady Quinn passes to Virgil Green and then D'Andre Goodwin on a crossing route. Quinn's pass to Jamel Hamler is dropped. Brady hits McGahee on a swing pass. HORN.

The line of scrimmage is moved to the 45 yard line on my right and the 1st units start anew. Knowshon Moreno gets the first three carries and then Willis McGahee gets the next two. Brady Quinn rotates in and hands off to Moreno, who takes it around the left corner. Lance Ball runs up the middle and I hear Defensive Line coach Wayne Nunnelly getting vocal with the Defense, urging them yo keep up the pressure. Lance Ball gets another carry and then Brandon Minor has a couple of carries. Jeremiah Johnson and CJ Gable get two reps to finish the segment. HORN.

The ball is on the 20 yard line and the Offense will be moving toward midfield. Kyle Orton connects with Daniel Fells even though DJ Williams tries to jump the route. Knowshon Moreno runs up the middle and then Orton finds Eddie Royal. Orlando Franklin is replaced for one play by Herb Taylor while the rookie has a short conversation with coach Magazu. Kyle throws a pair of passes to Matthew Willis, who is being blanketed by Perrish Cox. Orton throws to Britt Davis on a sideline out. The ball is behind Britt and Perrish Cox can't make the interception. Kyle hooks up with Eron Riley on a 20 yard out. Rahim Moore drops an interception from Tim Tebow that hit him in the hands. Brady Quinn passes to Virgil Green. Tebow's group has to re-huddle, which brings a curt response from Mike McCoy. Tebow looks for someone to throw to, slides to his right and finally throws the ball away. Quinn hits Brandon Minor. Tebow and Orton connect on a pass play. Bet you thought you'd never hear that one, but the Orton I refer to is Greg Orton. Brady Quinn steps up in the pocket and completes a pass to D'Andre Goodwin. Adam Weber hooks up with Julius Thomas. Weber leads Virgil Green too much on the next pass. HORN.

2 minute Water break.

Another Special Teams Kick Return session begins. The same drill as earlier in practice, but more uptempo. The segment lasts for 10 minutes. HORN. 

The ball is placed on the 35 yard line to start another set of 11 on 11's. Knowshon runs up the middle. Orton's pass to Daniel Fells is incomplete and Kyle yells, "Way to hold Von!" Kyle passes to Eddie Royal for 25 yards. The Defense lines up in a 5-2 look with Mario Haggan on the line with his hand down. Orton finds Fells on a sideline hitch. Willis McGahee runs over the right side and then Orton finds Fells deep in front of DJ Williams. A coach says, "Let's go! Uptempo!" Brandon Minor runs to the left. Then Brady Quinn throws incomplete to Minor with DJ Williams covering. Lance Ball gets a carry. CJ Gable runs to the right for 2 yards. Adam Weber eludes the rush and passes to his outlet receiver, Jeremiah Johnson. Tebow throws behind Jamel Hamler on a crossing route. HORN. 

Red Zone drills at the 20 yard line.Kyle's first pass is incomplete and it appears that someone ran the wrong route, perhaps Julius Thomas. Moreno runs off Right Tackle and heads for the End Zone, but coming up short. Orton hits Daniel Fells and then McGahee has a nice run off of a delay. The Kyle is almost intercepted by Champ Bailey. The ball is moved up to the 10 yard line. Orton hits Eron Riley for a touchdown. Tebow completes a pass to Dante Rosario. Brandon Minor has a good run. Tebow overthrows Orton in the End Zone. Brady Quinn connects with Virgil Green for a touchdown. Adam Weber passes to David Anderson and then hooks up with Jamel Hamler in the corner for a touchdown. HORN.

2 minute Water break.

Th ball is on the 40 yard line. Kyle Orton passes to Daniel Fells and then Willis McGahee runs off tackle. Orton hits Royal on a quick out. Then Kyle connects with Daniel Fells, who makes a terrific over the shoulder catch. Orton passes to Virgil Green. McGahee gets good yardage on a delayed hand-off. Jeremiah Johnson gains 7 yards on a toss right and then 5 yards up the middle. Brady Quinn's pass gets tipped at the line like a pop fly and Syd'Quan Thompson is there to intercept it. Tebow completes a pass to Dan Gronkowski. Adam Weber hits D'Andre Goodwin for a touchdown and a fracas breaks out when Ryan McBean and an Offensive Lineman who I think is Chris Clark go at it and punches are thrown. It gets broken up fairly quickly and tempers cool. Brady Quinn hits Greg Orton on a crossing route that he is able to turn up-field. CJ Gable stutter steps through the hole and then Adam Weber is Sacked by David Veikune and Mitch Unrein. HORN.

Special Teams live Kickoff return vs. Scouts. The JUG's machine does all the kicking. Quinton Carter, Wesley Woodyard, Spencer Larsen, David Bruton, Lee Robinson, Mario Haggan, Austin Sylvester, Julius Thomas, Lance Ball are on the Kick Return team, with the up-back and the return man changing each rep. Matt Prater drops a surprise Onside Kick that is alertly covered by Bruton. HORN. 

Situational drill. The ball is on the 35 yard line. There is 1:35 left in the game. The Offense is down by 3 points and both sides have one Timeout. Orton completes a 20 yard pass to Matthew Willis and then hits Eric Decker for 12 more yards. Kyle throws the ball away, stopping the clock at 48.3 seconds with the ball on the 39. Orton passes incomplete intended for Britt Davis. 3rd and 10. Orton to David Anderson for a 1st down. Von Miller was close to having Kyle in hand. Orton finds Britt Davis for 7 yards and then Kyle spikes the ball to stop the clock. In comes the Field Goal unit with Steven Hauschka setting up for a 41 yard attempt. The snap occurs, but the kick does not. The Offense begins the drill once more with Tim Tebow at Quarterback. On the first play, Tebow lobs one for Jeremiah Johnson that is broken up by Mike Mohamed. Tebow throws a swing pass to Johnson and he is caught in the backfield. David Veikune and Mitch Unrein Sack Tebow (four hands on his shoulders), but for some reason the coach officiating lets it go and Tebow runs for about 20 yards. Tebow hits Jeremiah Johnson for a 1st down out of bounds. Matt Prater lines up for a 52-yard try, The ball is snapped, but the kick is not attempted. 

New situation. The ball is on the far 40 yard line. 4 seconds left. Down by 3 points. 4th and 10. End of game Hail Mary.Brady Quinn throws a pass that bounces around a few times and then Eddie Royal dives and grabs it for the touchdown. Tim Tebow's attempt is batted down by Quinton Carter and David Bruton. HORN.

The customary end of practice huddle and address by coach Fox happens next and then the Offensive Linemen draw autograph duties. I get Eric Olsen, JD Walton, Ryan Clady and Chris Kuper to sign hats for me. I don't see Orlando Franklin or Zane Beadles in attendance, so I turn for the exit. It's been a good Camp experience for me and I hope that you all have enjoyed my narrative. Just as I get to the exit gate, I see a pair of the youngest Bronco fans that I think I have ever encountered, so I stop to take a picture that shows what it's really all about. Broncos Country is growing through the next generation. HORN.

                                                               Go Broncos!