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Denver Broncos 2011 Training Camp Pictorial-Week 1

All photos by Kaptain Kirk 8/1/11

For those of you who have been asking, I have assembled a 2011 Broncos Training Camp pictorial. If you weren't around last year, you can check it out here. It will answer some questions about Training Camp and what the Training Facility looks like. The above picture has the Bronco quarterbacks in a passing drill with the Running Backs. This is usually ran with two QB's, but on this occasion, the Wide Receivers were probably included. This is one of the things I mentioned, regarding maximizing reps and less standing around. The QB in the middle called the snap and they did rotate. The two strips on the ground in front of the top two QB's are the running lane mats. In the pictorial post from last year, linked above, there is a much better picture.

In this picture, I was trying to capture Knowshon Moreno (on the left) doing a handstand. But the stupid camera I'm using has a delay (I won't deny operator error though). Demaryius Thomas is talking with Eddie Royal and Receivers coach Tyke Tolbert.

Thursday's afternoon practice was more of a walk through than anything else.

Herb Taylor (72), Manny Ramirez (65), Orlando Franklin (74), Zane Beadles (68), Chris Clark and Stanley Daniels (64) during the stretch interval.

Chris Clark (75) and Ryan Clady (78) model the new authentic Broncos Kilts. Zane Beadles (68), JD Walton (50), Britt Davis (17), Richard Quinn (81), Jeremiah Johnson (37) and Julius Thomas (80) plie' as Chris Kuper (73) watches in disbelief.

The guy in white with the pylon to his mouth is Rich Tuten, the Broncos Strength and Conditioning coach. Man, Kuper sure is flexible. I can't get my foot near my mouth, unless I'm talking to my girlfriend.

Kyle: "Okay, you guys over here sway to the left. You guys over there, sway to the right."

These guys stretch and warm up for quite a while before getting down to it.

Zane Beadles: "Hey coach. I know this one, call me, call me!"

Here we have the Running Backs going through their short hurdles during individual position drills. The man in Orange is none other than coach Eric Studdesville In some drills they weave through these like a slalom and other times they run through sideways. There is usually a ball boy or assistant along with coach Studds that try to knock the ball out.

The Wide Receivers wait their turn to run pass routes during their individual position drills. Eddie Royal (19), Brandon Lloyd (84), Britt Davis (17), Eric Decker (87), coach Tyke Tolbert, Eron Riley (13) and Matthew Willis (12) watch.

Marshall Williams (14) catches a pass after weaving through those flat pylons (cones?). He was released over the weekend.

Brandon Lloyd, Eddie Royal, Eric Decker watch their teammate run a pass route and Eron Riley waits for some water.

Britt Davis is up next after Brandon Lloyd.

The first look at the Broncos newest Wide Receiver David Anderson. I yelled "hey Anderson!" and he turned so I could take a picture and the stupid thing said I needed new batteries. So this is what I ended up with after replacing them. I just bought one of those hats two weeks ago.

More of Thursday afternoon practice. That's Quinton Carter (28) and Von Miller (58) with the 1st Team Defense.

The 2nd Team gets their work in too.

Tim Tebow watches Adam Weber take a practice rep.

More of the same sequence.

Quarterback's coach Adam Gase (in orange) and Wide Receivers coach Tyke Tolbert (pointing) explain what they want to see in the next drill. I was trying to get Tim Tebow in the picture, but I failed.

So I tried again.

Champ Bailey gives Cassius Vaughn some pointers.

Champ and Cassius are joined by Perrish Cox (32) and Brandon Bing (43)

This was Saturday's practice, the team's first Full Pad workout in 2011.

David Bruton during a Special Teams segment.

Special Teams coach Jeff Rodgers (in orange) yells so his players can hear him. His pet peeve seems to be having to repeat himself. This is at the beginning of Saturday or Sunday's practice, since they are in Full Pads. The scissor-lift (behind the blue padding) is still on the ground. That is the "Eye in the sky" (there are two) and that is where the practices are videotaped.

Those Orange pylons depict "coverage lanes," so the players know their area of responsibility.

The Punt return unit gets ready to run through a drill.

Another Special Team drill (including the next two pictures). This is for the coverage team and practices getting past the punt return blocker and through to the return man.

There were two set of barrels. This picture shows the ones on the left. Note the segment clock.

Compared with where the clock is in the above picture and you will get the full effect. In the drill, the coverage men would squeeze down toward the returner. The barrels simulate the blockers

I couldn't end this pictorial without showing the end zone paint scheme.

There you have it, a small visual taste of the first week at the 2011 Denver Broncos Training Camp. I'm not a professional photographer, but hopefully they will appease you.

Go Broncos!