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Denver Broncos 2011 Training Camp Pictorial-Week 3

All Photos by Kaptain Kirk 8/20/11

The Denver Broncos have finished their Training Camp for the 2011 season. It was my privilege to attend 17 of the 18 practices that were open to the public. While I was there, I took some pictures with a modest camera. These 42 pictures are from the 3rd and final week. I hope you enjoy them.

This is at the beginning of practice, about 5 or 10 minutes before the first HORN. The guy in Orange is the Special Teams Coordinator Jeff Rodgers and the man on the left in the blue windbreaker is his assistant coach Keith Burns.

Brady Quinn during a walk-through with the 1st Team Offense. The man in the white shirt and visor is Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy. The other coach (on the right in blue) is Dave Magazu, the man in charge of the Offensive Line.

Another photo during the same sequence. The guy in blue standing in front of Kyle Orton is Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen.

1st Team 11 on 11's. The guy in the gray shirt in the background is none other than Defensive Line coach Wayne Nunnelly.

Broncos Head coach John Fox oversees practice.

Another shot of coach Fox observing the 11 on 11 action.

Eddie Royal and Cassius Vaughn check out Greg Orton's moves during the WR's vs.CB's drill segment.

Brandon Lloyd and Britt Davis in between passing drills.

Defensive Backs coach Ron Milus (in orange) talks with Champ Bailey.

Champ Bailey in position for his next match-up.

This is a crummy view of the Tight Ends vs. the Linebackers 1 on 1 blocking drill. Daniel Fells (#86 on the left) is about to block an unseen Linebacker.

This was my view all too often trying to observe the Offense vs. Defense action.

Champ Bailey smiles after a young lady in the crowd yells, "I Love You Champ!"

Rahim Moore, Demaryius Thomas, Cassius Vaughn and Champ Bailey watch the WR vs, CB 1 on 1 drills.

The JUG's machine, that launches spirals, wobbles and end over end Punt and Kickoff simulations.

Head coach John Fox talks with Chris Kuper as JD Walton strikes a "He-Man" pose for the camera.

Strength and Conditioning coach Rich Tuten (in white) chats with Brady Quinn and Kyle Orton has an assistant help him stretch.

Another picture in the same sequence. John Fox likes to walk through and visit with his players during the stretch interval.

The Quarterbacks working with the Wide Receivers during passing drills.

Same sequence. Both assistants are simulating the snap as the quarterbacks work two at a time, side by side during these drills.

Kyle Orton directing the Offense during 11 on 11's in a morning practice.

The 2nd teams doing 11 on 11 work.

The 1st team Offense vs. the 1st team Nickel package. Note: Champ Bailey (in the foreground) over the slot Receiver who is out of the picture.

The 1st team Defense waiting for the Offense to break huddle.

More 1st team 11 on 11 action.

Tim Tebow huddles up with the 2nd team Offense.

The 2nd team Defense between plays.

Tebow breaks the huddle and moves the Offense to the line of scrimmage.

Tebow and the 2's prior to the snap.

Matt Prater and the Field Goal Unit.

A Special Teams Kickoff return drill.

Thursday's "Shells and Shorts" practice. These players are watching the Special Teams work.

Wild Horse action.

The Tim Tebow throws to the Tight Ends in passing drills.

Kyle Orton throws to the Tight Ends.

Brandon Lloyd got the day off to rest a banged up knee from Wednesday's practice.

More Wild Horse action as Eron Riley looks on.

Tim Tebow following through after handing off to Knowshon Moreno.

The 3rd string Defense getting some reps.

Tim Tebow and the 2nd string Offense in the huddle.

Jeremiah Johnson and Spencer Larsen watch the action with Running Backs coach Eric Studdesville.

And there you have it. The 2011 Training Camp is in the books and the regular season is only 3 weeks away. Are you ready for some football!

Go Broncos!